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Protest Your HCAD Property Taxes Yourself; On-Line Risk Free Evaluation of your Home!

ARE YOU PAYING TOO MUCH IN PROPERTY TAXES??  FIND OUT NOW…….. Go to IProtestMyValue.com for a risk free analysis of your home!

 IProtestMyValue.com is your virtual property tax Consultant.  The site was developed in order to provide Homeowners with a means to determine whether or not their home value is over assessed in comparison to comparable properties, located within their immediate neighborhood.  The property tax evaluation is free!  If the evaluation determines that a property is over assessed and that a protest is warranted, IProtestMyValue.com will provide Homeowners with the evidence package needed to protest their value with Harris County Appraisal District – themselves.  The charge for the evidence package is only $49.99.  Homeowners, you don’t need a tax agent, but you do need the evidence to back up your claim that your assessed tax value is too high. 

Harris County Appraisal District has introduced on-line programs, iFile and iSettle; wherein the individual Homeowner can file their protest on-line via iFile and indicate what their opinion of value is. The evidence package from IProtestMyValue.com will provide this recommended value, which has been based on recorded sales and/or uniform and equal tax appraisal.   Once your protest is filed, if your account is eligible, Harris County Appraisal District will re-evaluate your property and present you with their opinion of value.  If you agree to this value, you can iSettle on-line. If you don’t agree with their opinion of value, or your account is not eligible for iSettle, you have the right to present your evidence package before the Appraisal Review Board either in person or along with a notarized affidavit, via certified mail or hand delivery, to Harris County Appraisal District. 

The key to IProtestMyValue.com is that the Homeowner can facilitate this transaction on-line, whenever it is convenient for them, 24/7.  There is no need to take vacation days from work, to personally appear for a protest hearing; nor do you need to pay tax agents flat fees or percentages of your tax savings.  The on-line evaluation takes seconds and if a protest is recommended, the evidence package is immediately available to print and a copy is emailed.

Homeowners have the right to protest their taxes; they just need to empower themselves with the evidence to justify a lower assessed value.  It’s about keeping the money in the Homeowner’s pocket; not putting it in the taxman’s nor the tax agent’s pocket!  I encourage all Harris County Homeowners to log-on to this site; it is risk free and it may just end up saving you some $$$!

Log on, then blog back and share your thoughts………

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