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The Mustache Lifestyle...Houston Ranks 2nd
Let's take a break from serious real estate.  Unless facial hair, sports icons and law enforcement officers will affect your next home purchase, this article is just for fun.

Mustaches were huge in the 80's...literally! Every male in my family over the age of 50 has one and would look pretty ridiculous if they shaved it. Believe me, we've tried.

According to a recent 'study' by American Mustache Institute, Houston ranks as the second most mustache friendly city in America.  Chicago tops the list ('da Bears').

From the 9/29/2011 Consumerist article by Ben Popken:

The American Mustache Institute, a real organization, has published the results of a two-year study based on empirical research into which cities are the most appealing to those who choose to sport facial hair in the region between their nose and lip. Yes, it's time for America's top 10 most "mustache-friendly" cities, 2011.

The institute employed behavioral economists, anthropologists, and statisticians to develop a formula to determine environs conducive to the Mustached American lifestyle. The index weighed such factors as whether a city had "high concentrations of restaurants primarily serving Miller Lite" and the per capita aggregate of monster trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. Among other criterion, they examined whether the area had "Employers with proven track records of hiring Mustached Americans or "mustache-positive employers"; large first responders pools (law enforcement, fire & rescue, EMTs, etc.)," and "actors who play law enforcement, relief pitchers, construction."

While the article (and included photo of a Houston local) does generalize a particular lifestyle and may be offensive to some, I can't argue with the Miller Lite statistic here in Houston.

What do you think? Are mustaches making a comeback or on their way out?

Full article here.

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