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Start 53 Now/ Group to Start the Elementary School in Bridgeland

October 21st, 2011

We are a group interested on holding accountable our representatives and public employees for the promises that were given to us. A promise from the district was that an elementary school will be built in the Bridgeland site. The date was moved from 2011 to 2013, and we would like to make sure it gets done without any more delays. The district passed a bond in 2007 for funds to be allocated to the building of the school, it was supposed to be ready for 2010, and got postponed because of the economic times. The new opening day is set for Fall 2013.
Elementary kids in Bridgeland attend Bob and Bobbie Warner, excellent school, great teachers and staff , but is also overcrowded: the enrollment is over 1300, when it was designed for over 900 students. Just this week, several parents received a letter stating that the Texas law permitting a maximum of 22 students for classrooms in k-3rd grade was waived: several classrooms in lower elementary have now 23 students. This is happening in 43 out of 52 schools in the entire district, so the overcrowded schools are a widespread concern in the entire district.
This is an issue that affect us all, even if you don't have kids, or your kids are not in the district: PROPERTY VALUES. With an overcrowded school, grades may come down, and maybe causing Warner to loose their exemplary status, sending a red flag to any potential buyer. Lower home sales, will mean lower home values, lower tax revenue, lower growth of Bridgeland and it's ammenities. This is something that hits us all in the place that hurts the most, the value of our homes. I urge you to take some action.
We need your support: Please send an email to we will add you to the distribution list; as a group we are communicating and keeping informed and sending emails to our representatives. The goal is to send over 500 emails a week to the members of the board. We are gathering signatures and will submit a petition for the December meeting of the distric board.
Find us in facebook start-53-now 

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