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Tips for Sellers

January 24th, 2011

Tips for Sellers



1.     CLEAN - From top to bottom.  Make sure ceiling fans, light fixtures, base boards, windows, cabinet doors, kitchen appliances and all flooring is clean (refinish hardwoods, have carpets cleaned or replaced). 


2.     DECLUTTER - Clean out &organize closets, pantry and the garage.  Pack away items you rarely use & give unwanted items to charity.  Rent a storage facility if practical and remove oversized & extra furniture in all rooms – less is more when you are trying to sell.


3.     PACK - You are moving anyway, so go ahead & start packing away family photos, nic-nacs, extra bedding, large appliances you rarely use (crockpot, waffle iron, bread machine). 


4.     PAINT- This is an inexpensive way to improve your home’s appearance.  Just remember to use neutral colors that appeal to the most buyers!  Also, remember to touch up paint if needed on kitchen or bathroom cabinets.


5.     STAGE- Make sure kitchen & bathroom counters are clear (use a basket to easily store items under the cabinet when your home is shown).  Use a pretty soap dispensers & fresh towels to add a decorative accent.  Make sure furniture is placed to allow for optimal flow of traffic & to make the space feel larger.


6.     OTHER- Make sure front door is in good shape (paint or refinish if needed).  Make sure all light bulbs are replaced and open all blinds & turn on lights when your home is being shown.


7.     CURB APPEAL- Make sure front porch is clean & neat.  Add mulch & flowering plants to spruce up your home’s curb appeal.


I understand what buyers want and expect in a home and I can help you get your home ready so that it sells quickly & for top dollar! 

If you would like more information on selling your home please contact me at (832)515-7399

Have a great day!


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