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By Kim Buish 

You just bought a new Houston Texas Home and to avoid having to pay two mortgages you’re searching for ways to sell your home fast.

In this post we will share with you 8 quick and easy ways for you to sell your Houston Texas Real Estate faster than you thought possible.

Tip #1 – De-Clutter Your Houston Texas Home

The truth about Real Estate in 2015 is that a home that’s been decluttered sells faster than a home that’s being listed “as is”.

When decluttering a home focus on packing up items you haven’t used in at least 3 months and place those boxes in a temporary storage unit.

Tip #2 – Remove Odors from Your Home

Invite a group of friends and family members over to your home to smell each room in your Houston Texas Home to determine if it has an odor or not.

Rooms that have specific odors like pet or carpet odors should be dealt with immediately because those smells will only be very obvious to buyers when they arrive.

Tip #3 – Update The Bedding In Each Rom

Another great way to make your Houston Texas Real Estate look more stylish and upgraded is to change your bedding because, buying a new bed set is an inexpensive way to upgrade a bedroom without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Tip #4 – Take Care Of Routine Maintenance Now

Take the time to complete all routine maintenance checks for your home like having your heater and air conditioner serviced because, getting these things done now will help your Houston Texas Home to sell faster since a home inspector won’t find problems and bring these issues to your attention later on.

Tip #5 – Clean Out The Basement and Garage

One of the biggest things you can do to help your Houston Texas Home sell fast is to clean out your basement and garage now because, this will mean less work for you later on and a buyer will be impressed with the space that those areas of your home offers them.

Tip #6 – Invest In Mirrors

Another clever way to make your home feel bigger is to invest in mirrors for each room of your home because mirrors can make a room feel brighter and more cheerful plus bigger as well.

Tip #7 – Clean Up Your Patio Furniture

If your Houston Texas Home has a nice sized patio you should showcase your patio furniture because the patio furniture is a reminder that your patio is a useable space that will be perfect for fun during the spring and summer months.

Tip #8 – Remember Your Schedule

Last of all, but most important, while your home is for sale you should establish a schedule with your Realtor® just so they know the best days and times for when they can show your home because, life can get complicated while your home is for sale and you don’t want to give your agent approval for when they can bring buyers over if you’re not ready to show your home.

Sell Your Houston Texas Real Estate

To get started with selling your Houston Texas Real Estate, or to search for a Houston Texas Home for sale, contact me today by calling (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect with me online. 


By Kim Buish 

There are many important things to do when buying Houston Real Estate and one of the most important things is hiring a home inspector because they can save you the heartbreak of buying the wrong home and make sure you are aware of the defects in a home before you purchase it.

In today’s post we will provide you with 6 tips for choosing the best home inspector so you can start searching for a home inspector now before you start searching for Houston Homes for Sale.

Tip #1 – Search Online For a Home Inspector

One of the best ways to find a home inspector is by searching online because you literally have access to dozens of home inspectors who are qualified with inspecting Houston Real Estate.

As you are reviewing home inspectors make sure you choose someone who has plenty of feedback from their clients on websites like Yelp and they should be easy to contact via phone, fax or email.

Tip #2 – Confirm That They Want You There for the Inspection

Since buying a home will most likely be the biggest financial transaction of your life it just makes sense for you to be there during the home inspection since this will give you a clear picture of the Houston Real Estate you are buying.

You should confirm with the home inspector that you can follow them during the inspection and learn from them while they are working.

Tip 3 – Request a Sample Home Inspection Report

Another great way to really get to know a home inspector is to ask them for a sample home inspection report because this will give you a great idea of the quality of their work.

Make sure that their home inspection report includes plenty of pictures because you want to have confidence that you’re getting the most value for your investment in the home inspector.

Tip 4 – Ask Them If They Are a Member of Any Trade Groups

As you are interviewing home inspectors you should always ask if they are members of any professional home inspectors group like ASHI, InterNACHI, NAHI or any other home inspection organization based out of Houston.

Tip 5 – Inquire About Their Certifications and Experience

One of the most important questions you must ask when choosing a home inspector is to ask them about their certifications and level of experience including questions like if they take any special courses to enhance their knowledge.

Tip 6 – What Won’t Be Included In The Home Inspection Report?

Last of all, but most important, you should ask the Houston home inspector what won’t be included in the home inspection report because some areas of your home may not be inspected depending on the time of the year.

Search for Houston Homes for Sale

To buy Houston Real Estate or to search for Houston Homes For Sale contact me, Kim Buish, Realtor(R) with Red Door Realty & Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect with me onine. 


By Kim Buish 

There’s no denying that the Houston Real Estate market has been booming this year but there are still concerns most home buyers have.

In today’s article we will address the top 6 home buying concerns so can be more prepared if you plan on buying or searching for Houston Homes For Sale.

Concern #1 – Home Affordability

In a recent survey of home buyers across the country 27% of buyers said that affordability is their top concern since home prices have been rising fast nationwide.

Although home prices are certainly going up it’s important to keep in mind that you can still find short sales, foreclosures and fixer upper Houston Real Estate.

Concern #2 – Too Much Competition

Thanks to recent data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) we know that 17% of buyers recently said that there was too much competition from other buyers.

Yes the Houston Real Estate market is highly competitive right now but you can make your offer stand out by doing things like: eliminating contingencies and submitting a letter to the seller.

Concern #3 – Not Enough Homes Available

14% of home buyers recently said that one of their primary Real Estate concerns was that there wasn’t enough homes (inventory) to choose from.

While the Real Estate market is competitive right now there are plenty of Houston Homes for Sale and the best way to find them is by hiring an experienced Real Estate Agent.

Concern #4 – Have To Sell a Home before Buying

This concern has been more common over the last two years and 8 percent of home buyers recently indicated that they have to sell their homes first before buying a home.

If you plan on selling a home before buying make sure your Realtor® is aware of your needs because they could help you with negotiating a rent back with the buyer so you don’t have to move out until you’ve purchased another home.

Concern #5 – Not Enough Money for Down Payment

In today’s Real Estate Market almost every industry expert recommends buyers come up with at least 20 percent for a down payment on a home.

6% of buyers indicated recently that this was a major concern for them but, you can still purchase Houston Homes For Sale with a down payment as low as 3.5 percent when you use an FHA loan.

Concern #6 – Mortgage Interest Rates Will Increase Before I can buy A Home

Last of all, but most important, 5% of home buyers recently told the National Association of Realtors that they felt mortgage interest rates would increase before they could buy a home.

Yes, rates could increase but it’s looking like mortgage interest rates could not be increased for the rest of the year thanks to economic instability in China.

Buy Houston Real Estate

To get started with buying Houston Real Estate or to search for Houston Homes For Sale contact me, Kim Buish, Realtor(R) with Red Door Realty & Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect with me online. 


By Kim Buish 

Over the last 24 months one of the best ways to sell Houston Texas Real Estate is to stage a home so it sells but sadly few people really know the secrets to success that make Houston Texas Homes For Sale stand out from other homes.

In this article we will share with you the secrets to home staging so you can have the advantage over other homes for sale in the area and sell your home for the most money.

Stage the Outside of Your Houston Texas Home First

Before you can begin staging the inside of your Houston Texas Real Estate you must stage the outside of your home by following these simple tips:

1.     Remove all debris from your yard including branches, tree limbs and leaves.

2.     Sweep and power wash your driveway.

3.     Remove weeds from your flower beds and plant new colorful flowers.

4.     Remove and replace rotten trim boards around your flower beds and grass.

5.     Repaint your mail box and fence (if needed).

6.     Clean your front porch and place clean porch furniture there so buyers will want to sit down and relax.

7.     Repaint your front door a bold color like red, orange, yellow or green so it “pops” from the street.

Use These Tips to Stage the Inside of Your Home

When staging the inside of your Houston Texas Real Estate it’s best to start slow and work in one room at a time because staging can become slightly overwhelming if you try to take on too big a project at once.

During the process of staging the inside of your home you should first de-clutter or box up all of the items in each room that are not being used then place those items in your garage or into storage since you’re going to be moving anyway.

Here are 5 things you should do when staging the interior of your home:

·         Paint each room neutral colors plus remove your decorating preferences or choices from your home.

·         Remove stains from the ceilings and carpets in each room.

·         Clean everywhere including your closets and refrigerator because buyers or the home inspector are going to test everything inside your home.

·         Remove bulky furniture like sectional couches or large tables and replace with smaller furniture.

·         Clean all windows in your home on the inside and outside because windows are the first things buyers will look out of when they arrive at your home.

Final Tips on Staging Your Home

As you are staging your home it’s important to remember that your goal is to have it stand out from other Houston Homes for Sale so that your home is “the house” buyers will remember and want to submit offers on.

If you are unable to clean your home yourself it’s best to hire an outside cleaning company to do the work for you since this will insure that every area in your home is cleaned and staged.

Before buyers arrive you should also ask your Realtor® to print a copy of the floor plan for your home since this will also give buyers something to take with them after they tour house.

Sell Your Houston Texas Real Estate 

To get started with selling your Houston Texas Real Estate or to view Houston Texas Homes for Sale contact me, Kim Buish, Realtor(R) with Red Door Realty and Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect with me online. 


It doesn’t matter if you plan selling Houston Texas Real Estate, or you’re a buyer and are searching for Houston Texas Homes for Sale, the home closing can turn into a DISASTER and could be called off for one or more reasons.

In this article we will share with you the top reasons the closing of a home can be called off for both buyers and sellers.

For Sellers

Home Inspection – The home inspection is the most critical part of selling Houston Texas Real Estate because most buyers will have their offer contingent upon your home passing inspection and if it doesn’t pass inspection you can say goodbye to the buyer.

Before the home inspector shows up make sure that you get your home ready for inspection by fixing or repairing areas of your home where work is needed.

It’s also best to make obvious renovations to your home before it sells like replacing worn out flooring, painting, or repairing the roof because if your home shows obvious signs of needing repair or renovation this will mean that you can expect to sell your home for less than what it’s worth.

Financing – This is another BIG area where the sale of your home can fall through because many times buyers will only be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan so it’s always best to make sure that a buyer has been pre-approved for financing when they are submitting an offer on your home because the pre-approval process insures that buyers will have gone through more “hoops” in order to be approved for a mortgage loan.

If this sale of your home does fall through it’s best to say goodbye to that buyer and let your home go back on market because even though a buyer may “try” to get financing the reality is that it’s hard for a buyer to purchase a home without financing from a lender.

For Buyers

Appraisal – Finding the home of your dreams is a fantastic feeling but that home could fall through your hands if the home is appraised for more than the mortgage loan you have been pre-approved for.

Sadly there are few options for buying a home if it’s been appraised for more than your mortgage loan but some options you might want to consider doing include: asking the owner if they would be willing to accept a lower offer, or you could try raising cash to pay the difference between what the seller is asking and what the home was appraised for.

Financing – When buying a home one of the biggest ways a sale can fall apart is if the buyer decides to make a major purchase like buying a car, boat or other large luxury item because such purchases would ruin the buyers debt-to-income ratio and the lender would have to do their mortgage loan pre-approval all over again.

Search for Houston Texas Real Estate 

To get started with searching for Houston Texas Homes For Sale, or to buy Houston Texas Real Estate contact me, Kim Buish, Realtor(R) with Red Door Realty and Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect with me online. 


One of the most exciting things you will do in your life is buy Houston Texas Real Estate because buying a home may be one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make and it will also challenging as well since you must buy a home in a great neighborhood.

In this article we will share with you tips on how to choose a home in the right neighborhood when searching for Houston Texas Homes for Sale.

School District

The first thing you should consider when buying Houston Texas Real Estate is the school district since home buyers in the future will always be willing to buy a home in a great school district and an awesome school will help your home to hold its value regardless if the economy is up or down.

Searching for Houston Texas Homes for Sale. that are part of great school districts is also important because even if you don’t have children now, or won’t be having them in the future, a good school district will help your home to hold its value and make it more desirable to buyers.

Neighborhood Safety

Every buyer who is searching for Houston Texas Real Estate wants to live in a safe neighborhood so their children have the ability to play outside safely or walk to school if they want.

Thanks to the Internet you have the ability to use websites like Neighborhood Scout to look up data for the neighborhoods BEFORE you decide to buy a home so you can make the decision if the home is truly in the best neighborhood for you or not.

Walkable Neighborhood

Another factor that you should use before buying Houston Texas Real Estate is to spend some time in the neighborhood to determine if it’s walkable, or has sidewalks that you can walk on and street lights to keep the street well lit at night.

Close To the Highway

When searching for Houston Homes For Sale it’s also best to choose a home which is close to the highway because this will cut down commute time to and from work and owning a home that is close to the highway will also help the resale value of the home in the future as well.

Local Shops, Stores and Restaurants

Although most buyers don’t want to live in the center of town when buying Houston Texas Real Estate they do want to be close to shops, stores and restaurants because these modern conveniences are a HUGE part of everyday life since most buyers don’t want to drive more than 5 minutes when going to the grocery store or out to eat,

The Neighbors

Last of all, but most important, another factor to take into consideration when searching for Houston Texas Homes For Sale is the neighbors who currently live in the neighborhood.

Neighbors are important because you want to have confidence in the people who live around you and it’s best to walk the neighborhood during a weekend when homeowners are home so you can get a good feeling for who is currently living there.

Search for Houston Homes For Sale

To get started with searching for Houston Texas Real Estate Estate in the right neighborhood contact me, Kim Buish, Realtor(R) with Red Door Realty and Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect with me online. 


By Kim Buish

You’re getting ready to finally sell your Houston Texas Home and are excited to move onto another home but have you taken the time to investigate the top “red flags” home buyers are always on the lookout for?

In this post I will share with you some of the most common red flags buyers are watching out for so you don’t make the mistake of listing your home with one or more of these problems.

Water Penetration

Sadly, the signs of water penetration comes in all shapes and sizes. It could be a small stain on the ceiling in your living room or the carpet in one of your bedrooms is wet. Regardless of where the water penetration is in your Houston Texas Home you must get this problem fixed IMMEDIATELY

Buyers will always deduct thousands from the asking price of a home if they feel that major work is needed or they will walk away from your home altogether if problems like water penetration are not resolved BEFORE you list your home.

People Are Leaving Your Neighborhood, Big Time…

Although it’s not uncommon to see a few for sale signs in a neighborhood it will cause buyers to be concerned if they see lots of for sale signs because this will show the buyer that there’s a major problem which is causing homeowners to flee the neighborhood.

Some common issues which cause buyers to leave in groups include: lack of jobs, high crime or environmental issues.

Electrical Issues

Last of all, but most important, one of the biggest red flags which could come up with the sale of your Houston Texas Home is if your home has electrical issues.

Many older homes which were built mid-century, or earlier, may have electrical issues and it’s important for you to have your home inspected by a qualified home inspector just so you can make sure that no electrical problems exist since this could affect the sale of your Houston Texas Home or even make it difficult for the next buyer to qualify for a home loan.

Buy A Houston Texas Home

To learn more about the home buyer red flags to be on the lookout for when selling your Houston Texas Home, or to view homes for sale, contact me, Kim Buish, Realtor® with Red Door Realty and Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect with me online. 


By Kim Buish

Mortgage interest rates have been going up and down all year long but thankfully they’ve remained near 4% but what most Houston Texas Home Buyers want to know is what exactly do rising mortgage interest rates mean?

Rate Increases Will Increase Your Home Buying Cost

Let’s say that you want to purchase a home in Houston Texas and it costs $300,000 but you decide to wait six months to buy and mortgage interest rates increase by 1 percent.

Waiting 6 months to buy a home in Houston Texas will cost you about $145 more per month than you would pay with mortgage interest rates at 4% and this also adds up to about $100,000 more during the lifetime of your 30-year mortgage loan as well.

Yes, it pays to buy a home now rather than later especially considering that Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen has predicted rate increases by this fall to 5% or higher.

If You Plan On Buying In Houston Do This

Before buying a Houston Texas home make sure you do the following:

  1. Purchase your 3-in-1 credit report to check your credit score and start the dispute process if needed to resolve any inaccurate items.
  2. Save at least 20% on a home because this will help you to avoid paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and save you money every month.
  3. Pay off old debts like unused credit cards, school loans or department store charge cards since doing this will lower your debt-to-income ratio and make it easier for you to pay your mortgage each month.
  4. Get pre-qualified and pre-approved for a mortgage loan.
  5. Shop for a home based on your budget instead of letting your eyes tempt you into buying a home you can’t afford.

Buy Houston Texas Real Estate

To buy Houston Texas Real Estate contact me today, Kim Buish, Realtor® with Red Door Realty and Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or click here to connect with me through my website. 


So you’ve been renting for a while and are still trying to decide if it’s better to rent or buy Houston Texas Real Estate.

Although you could continue renting, searching for Houston Texas Homes for Sale, and ultimately buying your dream home, is always better for these reasons.

#1 – Freedom

When you ultimately buy Houston Texas Real Estate you will finally have freedom of choice including the ability to make the following decisions:

  • Decorating – You will be able to make changes concerning the decorating choices for your home including wall color and so much more.
  • Landscaping – If you don’t really love a tree in your front yard you will be able to remove it, or your will be able to plant your favorite flowers without having to consult with your landlord first.
  • Guests – No longer will you have to let your property Management Company, or landlord know that you have guests over and that they might be staying in your home for more than 2 weeks at a time.

#2 – Stability

Once you finally start searching for Houston Texas Homes for Sale, and you buy a home, you will have stability of location and the ability to raise your family in one spot; establishing relationships with your neighbors and connections in your community which will last for years to come.

#3 – Savings

Buying Houston Texas Real Estate essentially is a forced savings plan since you will be investing money into your home every month that you own it and building equity as well.

Over the last two years there hasn’t been a better investment than owning Real Estate because, home prices have appreciated at such a rapid rate that if you purchased a home just four years ago it could now be worth double its value.

#4 – Fixed Housing Cost

Besides the obvious reasons to own a Houston Texas Home, the biggest benefit of homeownership of all which is having a fixed housing cost since your mortgage will not increase over the course of 30 years, unless you refinance your mortgage loan, or your mortgage payment goes up because you had an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM).

Now Is the Right Time to Buy Houston Texas Real Estate

Thanks to historically low mortgage interest rates you should start searching for Houston Texas Homes for Sale NOW because, rates have never been lower and many economists are predicting that they will increase to 5 percent or higher by the fall.

Before searching for Houston Texas Real Estate make sure you do the following:

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan.
  2. Write down what you’re searching for in a Houston Texas Home.
  3. Hire a Real Estate Agent to help you with your home search.

Search for Houston Texas Real Estate

To get started with finding your next dream home in Houston Texas contact me, Kim Buish, Realtor® with Red Door Realty And Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or CLICK HERE to connect with me online.


There’s no denying that 2015 is the year for you to buy a Houston Texas Home thanks to historically low mortgage interest rates and great home prices.

Before you start searching for homes make sure you follow these tips to improve your credit since buyers who have a credit score of 700 or higher are able to qualify for low mortgage interest rates and buy the homes of their dreams.

Step 1 – Pay Your Credit Accounts To 30% Of Their Limit

Although you may have one or more credit card that’s close to it’s limit right now, you should pay those credit cards to 30% of their limit because, this will show the credit bureaus that you are managing your credit responsibly and this will lower your debt-to-income ratio as well.

Never close credit accounts because you can actually hurt your credit score by closing credit accounts rather than leaving those accounts open.

Step 2 – Pull Your 3-In-1 Credit Report

In order to get a clear picture of what all of the credit bureaus are reporting about you it’s important for you to get your 3-in-1 credit report because, this will show you what your credit reports are from Transunion, Equifax and Experian.

Step 3 – Fix Errors On Your Credit Report

After you purchased your 3-in-1 credit report you should review your credit report for errors because, there could be one or more Credit Bureaus that are reporting inaccurate or false information about you on your credit reports.

Step 4 – Pay Your Bills On Time

Don’t hesitate to pay your bills on time every month including making payments in advance because, this will also positively help you to improve your credit score as well.

Buy A Houston Texas Home

To get started with buying a Houston Texas Home contact me, Kim Buish, Realtor ® with Red Door Realty & Associates by calling me at (713) 819-1642 or CLICK HERE.

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