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SMARTePLAN'S Marketing Utilizing Patented Floor Plan Pictorials Puts Buyers IN Your Property
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What Makes a SMARTePLAN Different From Marketing Tools I Use Now?

SMARTePLANS are used for high end luxury homes in Houston, Texas and are designed to be used in combination with tools you use now, but ENHANCE your marketing reach .. across languages ... across time zones ... and out in front of the competition. They effectively communicate your commitment to high quality representation of the Seller's Property.    I've put together a two page primer for Listing Agents that touches on some of the unique benefits a SMARTePLAN brings to the table, in an easy-to-read bullet point format.  Frequently this is printed on card-stock and distributed at agent meetings.  Does it work ... is the first thing everyone wants to know? --- YES!  we deliver the goods ...

For seven years in a row the average SMARTePLAN Days On Market has been less than the average MLS Days on Market.  
                                                            And in 2010

                                                53% Sold in Less Than  45 Days
                                                64% Sold in Less Than   90 Days
% Sold in Less Than 180 Days

                                                                       - AND -

                                        17.9% SOLD AT OR ABOVE LIST PRICE



There are distinct benefits to having high quality online marketing materials that showcase the property on the MLS .. and beyond.  We hope you'll give us the opportunity to work for you.   

Judith, The Floor Plan Lady


SMARTePLANS are custom floor plans that have photos embedded inside the floor plan that launch with a mouse click .... each photo arrow is positioned in the plan where the photographer was standing --- so you can see where he was and what he was aiming at when he took the shot ... in relationship to the drawing. Beneath the photo is a description of that room. Once the photo launches you have a choice to link back to the floor plan and choose another photo, or read the amenities text for the WHOLE property (not just that particular room). All the files are inter-linked so you can seamlessly click around this property, viewing the photos and reading the descriptions. This is not a video ... you choose what you want to view ... or not.

[NOTE: SMARTePLANS are PDF files so they magnify to over 100%. When the file launches, click "View" on the top toolbar and make sure there is a checkmark next to the toolbar named "Select and Zoom". Every time you tap the plus key inside the circle the view screen enlarges (the minus key shrinks the magnification); and the magnifying glass with the plus sign in it marquee selects a specfic area of the drawings to be enlarged. Using the hand key and the scroll bars, its easy to move around inside the file, and then magnifying the features you want to see.]

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