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Are there enough walls in your home?

January 8th, 2016

Over the past ten years or so, most buyers have wanted open floor plans with fewer walls and a greater sense of spaciousness. That trend may change soon according to British architects that predict buyers wanting more walls in the near future.

Multiple architects and designers forsee the end of the open-floorplan era in an article in Dezeen Magazine. Those experts say the rise in mobile technology is driving the desire for more privacy. That desire for "fragmented" spaces is spearheaded by more people working from home and a need to have private screen time with tablets, phones or laptops.

Mary Duggan with Duggan Morris architects in London says, "Modern technology has consequences to our traditional living patterns and routines and we are adapting to what is on offer." Duggan goes on to tell Dezeen, "Like it or not, there is greater independence between family members and more out-of-sequence operations. They need a suite of spaces to accommodate this, so our plans are starting to fragment. Broken-plan is a term we are using a lot at the moment. It deliberately challenges open-plan living, encompassing all family activities and allowing them to function in tandem."

Nonetheless, Duggan goes on to state there is still a demand for kitchen and dining spaces to have substantial countertops made to entertain guests. "The idea of having big theater rooms where families can cook and eat and talk are a constant part of the sequence," she says.


Main article: "Smartphones and Tablets Spell the End for Open-Plan Living, Say UK Architects," Dezeen Magazine 11/12/15

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