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Rice Military Permit Parking Only

March 22nd, 2010

As the bars on Washington Ave continued to open and the 20 something crowds came in droves to quiant Rice Military, the residents spoke and the city listened. Certain blocks of Lillian, Rose, Floyd, Sandman, Roy, Reinerman and Lester now have ciy signs noting "No Parking. 10pm-5am. Wed - Sat. Except wtih valid permit". Overflow parking for the bars along Washington were making it hard to impossible for residents to enter and leave their homes. Some of the streets in Rice Military are so narrow - they really are more like one-way streets (which is another option the city and residentes are considering making signs for). 

For those of you not sure the peramiters of Rice Military, it is Memorial to Washinton; Westcott to Shepherd. 

For those of you in and around the neighborhood, get involved in the Rice Military Civic Club!

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