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July 27th, 2009

There are several ways a reader can make a comment regarding this blog.

     The first is to simply add the comment to this blog posting that you are reading. I monitor this blog at least once daily and will respond to any comment or suggestion that I approve for posting on this blog.

     The second is to access my web site at, select the "Ask A Question" tab, read the disclaimer that is displayed, and then enter your question or comment. I read all questions and comments but not all questions are answered due to time constraints. Only the questions I select are sent to Chuck Jacobus to obtain his review of my answer. However, I do try to reply to all comments, although the comments are also first sent to Chuck Jacobus.

    The third way is to concentrate and think really hard about your comment and wait for me to read your mind. I've discovered that this method is the least reliable.

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