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Ruth Ann Manison

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I hope you enjoy my thoughts on real estate, market statistics, how-to's, and pieces I find interesting on buying, selling, remodeling, new construction, investing, and saving your resources.

Experiencing Unexplained Activities at Your Home or Business?

August 5th, 2009

Do you know someone who has noticed unexplained activities at their home or business? If so, some local Ghostbusters would love to investigate at no cost. Houston Ghost Town Paranormal Investigations is a non-profit organization that helps you explain the unexplained. Check them out at They are actively looking for sites to research.

I remember hearing 'ghost stories' from a childhood friend almost weekly. It seems the whole family was convinced they had a mischievious poltergheist living with them. Cabinets would open mysteriously when nobody was nearby and the hair dryer would turn itself on. They would have loved to have confirmation of their suspicions.

The Seller's Disclosure Form in Texas doesn't address this issue, so if you are curious, now you have someone to call.

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