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The Right Way to Displaly Artwork, Part 1 of 5

June 22nd, 2010

Architecture Coach: The Right Way to Display Artwork

Artwork can add a personalized, finishing touch to any room, but too much can distract buyers from a home's architectural pluses.

By Barbara Ballinger

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July 2010

Properly displayed and tasteful artwork can instantly bring life to an otherwise dull room. Whether home owners have painted or papered their walls, most want to hang some artwork on them, perhaps by displaying fine paintings, prints, or photographs, or more casual, affordable pieces from nature, travels, or favorite magazines.

"Any room looks better with some art," says saleswoman Barb St. Amant, ABR, with Harry Norman, REALTORS®, in Atlanta.

However, any artwork display should involve careful selection in choosing the right mat, frame, backing, or container, as well as determining the best location to hang the art, including how high or low it should be on a wall and whether it stands alone or as part of a group, designers say.

“Too many people hang art randomly, like they’re throwing stuff at a dartboard,” says Cambridge, Mass.–based designer Heidi Pribell. “Urge collectors to have their art form a pattern — in a grid, vertical stack, or horizontal line, or if alone relate to a piece of furniture or architectural feature.”

You can help buyers and sellers understand the impact art can make — for their own enjoyment as well as how to use it to impress buyers — with some of the following tips, from choosing what to display to how to hang it on the wall.



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