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I am a Real Estate Broker and Staging Designer in Fort Bend.

If you purchased a home in 2015 and occupied it as your primary residence by January 1, 2016, and you aren’t currently claiming homestead on a different property, you are eligible to lower your property taxes through filing for your homestead exemption in the country where the property is located.


As of September of 2011, House Bill 252 imposed new requirements on property owners that want to claim exemptions. Due to the spread of duplicate or multiple filings of homestead exemptions on several properties by the same owner, this bill now requires the homeowner to provide the following along with their application:

Copy of drivers license showing the address of the property and
Copy of car registration with the property address. In the absence of a vehicle, you can provide a utility bill with that address or complete a notarized affidavit

Fort bend documents: Documents

Harris County: Documents

Montgomery County: Documents

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 I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your business and friendship. I would not be in business without your support.

A year that I look back and smile because I know we served you better. New friends added on my phone book and new families on their new homes. No other satisfaction can compare to what I felt when I helped 73 families to buy, sell and lease homes.

New year is coming, another year to expect new friends and new families on their new homes. My team promised a new year with a blast. Hundreds of homes to sell and homes to buy. We are not just your realtors but your friends too.

Our mission is always focused on the goal that you’re ALWAYS fully aware of everything – whether good or bad. Communication is the key between both of us. We consistently want you to feel heard and have all your doubts answered.We think professionals like Lawyer, Doctor or Realtor are the most life changing people in your lives. We take great pride in knowing that and want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your history.

I look forward to exciting new business endeavors in the coming year. Please remember me for any real estate needs you might have—I am always delighted to serve you and greatly appreciate your business.

Wishing you safe and happy holidays to you and your family!

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Client appreciation events are a great way for agents, brokers and offices to show clients and referral partners that you appreciate their business and referrals. It will be an awesome event for establishing andIMG_2842 building your business with your past and current clients and letting them spread how great your service and brand are!

Anja Drewes Properties held its 2nd year, Oktoberfest Annual Client Appreciation Day but this time with an international twist.

A combination of German and Indian festive food was served, a live German music with Indian dance delight the day and even the rain can't stop the fun of the event.

It was a fantastic event enjoyed by all, and a great opportunity to share in our success and to say "thank you" for all their support and business throughout the year.

Anja Drewes Properties make it happen because we value your trust.
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Don't be afraid if you are selling your home as the holiday rush coming in. There are some advantages of putting your home on the market during this season.10670140_1473803759558736_2081056452200126110_n

There are some challenges in selling your property during Christmas and New year as many realtors take a break and people are so excited about having a long vacation, parties and presents.

But if you find yourself selling your home during this season don't be despair because at some point, it can be a good thing for you.

  • MORE TIME TO SCOUT AND VIEW PROPERTIES - The normal work schedule would be very difficult for some other people finding time on viewing new properties. Although it's a busy season of the year, buyers have a lot of their time looking for properties and scheduling their viewing.
  • LESS COMPETITION - As we mention earlier a lot of realtors take a break during this season to focus on their family and unwind. Selling at the height of Spring and Autumn means you'll need to work hard to stand out from the crowd while during Christmas and New Year there are less properties in the market, meaning 100% motivated buyers will have fewer options on properties to tempt them. Make the most out of it, think that you are one of a special few in the market.
  • PEOPLE ARE RELAX AND HAPPY - When less stress from work and errands to accomplish, people are generally relaxed and happy. When a buyer feels that they are in a better mood to negotiate and act. It would be easier for both the seller and the buyer to talk about the price. Some other people think that as the New Year will come, it will be the best time for them to make a change and move to a better place.

So if you think it's not the right time for you, think twice.

May Santa delivers the perfect buyer for you!

Anja Drewes Properties, 713-298-9177


Are you a serious seller?

If you are really selling your home don't settle for estimates. Don't just based solely on your neighbors property value or outdated information. You owe the best for yourself.

You might need to do some research on the current state of your local real estate market to help you determine on the best value of your property. But the best that you can do is to ask for a professional help.

A real estate experts can help you along the way. A Comparative Market Analysis or often called CMA is the best tool to help you determine the value of your home. This report includes a lot of information  such as recent neighborhood home sales and unique property features. CMA's are more detailed than asking people in your neighborhood. The bottomline on this is CMA will help you find the perfect listing price for your home that will be fair to you but will still attracts buyers.

Professional consultation from an expert doesn't mean that you are already committed with them but it will give you a vast array of options that will help you decide whether it is the right time for you to sell or wait a bit more.

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As a Seller, we should know that aside from hiring a good realtor we also need to gauge if the realtor we are about to hire know how to dressed your house to sell.

Imagines a buyer looking at a blurred picture of a house online, do you think they will be interested in looking forward to this house? How about a living room with imbalance colors and types of furnitures, a limited space of the area and dark lighting of the house. All of that being said is one big factor of selling your house in a less amount of time.

Aside from good marketing skills, home staging is a great factor why a house can be sold in the next 30 days.

They said that mismatching of furnitures, colors and fabrics are a bad idea. That is a one big misconception on staging your home. To stop the monotony of space and replace it with more interesting area, we can do mismatching. For example, a dining table with all same chairs and colors. End chairs can be replaced with a contrasting style or color to add more visual interest in that area.

Contrasting colors. According to Sherwin-Williams 2014 National Home Design and Color survey, nearly two out of three homeowners said they want more colors in their home. We can use two different complementing colors in our toss pillows or candles in our living room, in that way we can avoid the stagnant look in our living room.

Proper lighting can affect our mood. We have to create ambiance and the feeling of serenity in our home. It is important for every working mom or dad to have this feeling at the end of the day.

Types of house and lifestyles. It is important for a realtor to know about what type of house you have and what distinctive interests you have in your neighborhood so that they can put up a compatible decorations in your house. Every neighborhood has its own cultural appeal, they have to know that so that they can create a vision for your house.

Painting cabinets of the kitchen into a lighter one can offer a dramatic transformation of your kitchen and can brighten up a space.

And last but not the least, your realtor should have a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. It is important that the house you are selling stand out in the market in order to get wide range of buyers.

You deserve the best for selling your home.



How do we often trust someone we don't know? Not often, right?

It's like jumping, from a plane with an instructor and you are not really sure if he will open the parachute for you or he will let you go by your own. But still, you choose to trust him because, he is professional in what he is doing.

Selling a home is like jumping from a plane. Trusting someone to represent the home you spent your sweet memories with your family, the home you bought with your hard earned money and now the home that you have to let go because of some reasons. It's not easy to choose who you will entrust your lovely home, but there's always a way for you to know who is who.

Here are some tips for you to know who you will trust to represent you in selling your home:

  • Find a realtor who is locally aware what is happening around the neighborhood. How the market goes up and down in your area.
  • A realtor who will not just make a listing agreement for you, but will build relationship to help you sell your home to the right buyer.
  • A realtor who will not just list your property but instead find a realtor who will advertise the features and benefits of buying your home.
  • A realtor who will have a better understanding about the structure of your home because the more they understand it the more they can easily market it.
  • A realtor who can communicate, but not just talk.
  • Search for their track record in the Real Estate field. It is important for you to know if you are dealing with the right person with an impressive professional reputation in the Real Estate world.

When you get a chance to be with them, face-to-face and have the opportunity to listen to what they want to say. This the best time to ask yourself, "Is she the one who I can really trust?"


Why to Sell With a Realtor

Choosing to sell with a professional rather than on your own makes sense for a variety of reasons:

  • A Realtor has access to market data about recent sales and other homes on the market that can be used to price your home appropriately. Studies show that homes priced right when they’re first listed sell more quickly and for a higher price than those that linger on the market.

  • A Realtor can show your home when you aren’t available, can respond to inquiries from potential buyers and their agents, and can get valuable feedback from visitors – all things that save you time.

  • A Realtor can look at your home objectively and suggest ways to improve its appearance – by staging and minor repairs – so it appeals to more buyers.

  • Buyers typically prefer to look at a home without the seller present so they can feel more comfortable exploring the rooms and visualizing themselves in the property. At an FSBO sale, the seller must be present.

  • A Realtor can screen visitors to your home, which provides a measure of safety that FSBO sellers don’t have. In addition, by checking to see if the buyers are legitimate and can afford to purchase your home, a Realtor can help you avoid wasting time showing your home to unrealistic buyers.

  • Realtors have professional marketing expertise, contacts with other Realtors who work with buyers, and the support of a brokerage that can market your home more widely than you can as an individual.

  • A Realtor can help you negotiate a contract that not only garners you an appropriate price for your home, but that meets your needs for a settlement date and perhaps includes a period when you rent back your home from your buyer. In addition, a Realtor can make sure your contract is in compliance with all local regulations.

FSBO Dangers
Most buyers today work with a buyers’ agent to represent their interests. If you choose to sell your home on your own, you’ll be negotiating with a professional and relying on your own skill to finalize a contract. Not only could you end up selling your home for less money, you could leave yourself open to potential legal problems unless you have the contract vetted by an experienced real estate attorney. (source:

There are 4 types of buyers…

The first are serious and in a hurry they may be relocating from another city and have 3 days to find and buy the right home. Or they may be someone who’s home sold last night and today they need to find their replacement home. Because they are in a hurry do you think they will be with a Realtor or do you think they are reading every ad in the paper looking for fsbo’s?

The second type are serious but not in a hurry…they may be a first time buyer…proceeding cautiously… wanting someone to hold their hand…or…they may be looking for that perfect home….Did you know that last year the average buyer looked at 54 homes before making a decision? Naturally these people want a Realtor to help them, to guide them and make them feel secure.

The third type you may have encountered…they are investors or bargain hunters…preying on fsbo’s that are in a hurry to sell at a discount.

And of course the 4th type can’t afford to buy…and they will never buy….because they are just looking…We call them lookylous. In fact Realtors don’t put them in their cars because they can’t afford to buy and are not qualified to buy.

So you can see if Realtors have 97% of all the properties that are on the market it only proves that the serious buyers are going to work with a Realtor and what kind does that leave for you?

The investors, bargain hunters and the lookylous. Right?

Call me for a free Home Valuation 713-298-9177


Realtors have 97% of all the homes on the market listed with them and only 3% are fsbo’s.


Now is time for filing your homestead exemption in the country where the property is located.

Here’s how it works: The taxing authorities (school district and county) allow you to remove part of the taxable value of your home for tax purposes since you are using the property as your residence.

Copy of drivers license showing the address of the property and
Copy of car registration with the property address. In the absence of a vehicle, you can provide a utility bill with that address or complete a notarized affidavit

Harris County

If your property is located in Harris county, please print out the Harris County Application for Residential Homestead Exemption form , fill it out and mail back to Harris County Appraisal District, P. O. Box 922012, Houston, Texas 77292-2012 along with the supporting documentation from above. If you have any questions about how to complete the form, you can email or call me.

Fort Bend County

If your property is located in Fort Bend County, you can download the Fort Bend County homestead exemption application, and mail back to:

Fort Bend Central Appraisal District
2801 B.F. Terry Blvd.
Rosenberg, Texas 77471-5600

If you have questions, please call the Tax Office at 281-341-3710. Our office is located at 1317 Eugene Heimann Circle, Richmond, TX 77469-3623.

Here again you will need to provide supporting documentation (driver’s license and vehicle registration or utility bill).

All the best



Have you taken a look at your 2014 property-tax appraisal yet? 

If not, now would be a good time to do it – you only have until the end of this month (May) to file a request for protest!

Texas law allows a property owner the opportunity to protest their appraised value.  You can do that in one of three ways: 1) schedule a formal protest meeting with your central appraisal district; 2) file a formal protest online (if your district offers that capability); or 3) go in person now and protest 

It is really easy to protest your taxes, yourself.

If you used a good Realtor when you purchased your Home, he/she will be happy to provide you with a CMA of recent sales which are similar in size, or you can email me. 

The protest period for Fort Bend County runs from May 1st to Midnight May 31. 

Just fill out the notice of protest, take the list of comparable sales in your neighborhood with your appraisal form and take your case to the Fort Bend office located at

2801 FM 2218 in Rosenberg, or go to to protest online.


Good Luck


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