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I am a Real Estate Broker and Staging Designer in Fort Bend.

What do you need to know, getting a Investment Loan:

You must have 20% down.  The max # of financed properties cannot exceed four.  Must have two housing payments in cash reserve for each [property;

5.25% with 1% loan origination fee. 


·         Field Review Must be Provided on Investment Property Refinance Transactions – LTV/CLTV ? 70% or Follow the Investor’s Appraisal Requirements, if More Restrictive (except when the AUS requires, and the investor allows, a PIW/PIA or an inspection report instead of an appraisal report)

·         Appraiser Must Provide an acceptable Comparable Rent Schedule and an Income Operating Statement (regardless of DU/LP findings/requirements)


·         File Must Contain Proof of 6 Months Rent Loss Insurance, if Using Rental Income to Offset the Mortgage Payment on That Property


1.     *If most recent 2 years tax returns do not verify a 2-year landlord history for the borrower(s), rental income cannot be used for qualification purposes.

2.     The borrower can own no more than 4 financed 1-4 unit residential properties (including their primary residence and the subject property).

NO FLIPS.  Loan is ineligible if seller was not in title for a minimum of 90 days prior to executed sales contract date



I am happy to announce that i passed my Texas Real Estate Broker's License.

So you ask yourself what is a Broker' License:....
  A broker is also licensed by the state.  Usually, a Realtor takes a large course load of classes to become a broker, including Real Estate Law, Brokerage Management, and Business Management.  Brokers in Texas are required to have at least 4 years of experience as a full-time salesperson/agent, An applicant must demonstrate not less than 3600 points of qualifying practical experience, 270 classroom hours of Core Real estate Courses and an additional 630 classroom hours Real estate Courses.  Brokers also have to pass another exam, this time with higher qualifying scores.  Brokers can manage a real estate brokerage or work as Broker's associates in a Office.
Anja Drewes
2011 Five Star Real Estate Agent Texas Monthly Magazine

A recent survey on Houston region consumers shined the light of excellence on Anja Drewes RE/MAX agent.  Shw was honored as Five-Star Real Estate Professionals in Texas Monthly magazine.  The survey was conducted by Five Star Professional, which provides independent research to identify professionals who score highest in overall customer satisfaction.

What does it mean to be selected as a FIVE STAR Real Estate Agent?

FIVE STAR Real Estate Agents are selected as a result of a rigorous research process. The resulting list represents no more than 7% of the real estate agents within their market area.


For the 2nd year in a row  Anja Drewes has been voted

the #1 Realtor in Houston Texas, by Tops in Texas.  

 I would like to thank everyone who voted for me this year.  And for their support. 

To see the results please click on:

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If you are a non-Resident Alien and want to buy or sell property in the US,  you have to know :

·         When accounts are opened in the US, the Bank will be required to implement the Patriot Act section 326, which is the Customer Identification Program CIP

·         All business Transactions are prohibiting with anyone that appears on the SDN List …black list. You can find the list with all names at the US Department of Treasury:

·         Since November 8, 2003 the IRS requires all non-US persons to have a ITIN when they sell property. You will get a  Individual Taxpayer identification Number ITIN, if you are not eligible for a Social Security Number. Us e Form W-7 , you can get

·         If you are selling property , you also need to file form 8288 and 8288-A, US withholding Taxes Return for Foreign Person

·         All gains, profit and income resulting from a sale in the US, are deemed US, source income

·         Passive income like rent, interest etc is subject to withhold 30% of gross income

·         Buyers of US property from non-Residents are required to withhold 10% of the gross purchase price ( including cash deals)

·         The 10% withhold must be transferred to the IRS within 10 days

Exemption the  10% FIRPTA Rule:

·         Personal residence up to $300.000, with proof of use

·         Seller furnishes affidavit that he is not foreign

·         More info:,,id=105000,00.html


Definition of Resident Alien:

·         Green card holder

·         Taxed on worldwide income

·         Physical Presence:  Person present in the US with a average of 183 days over a 3 year period.

o   Formula: Add the numbers from the last 3 years:  Number of days in present year plus 1/3 of days in last year plus 1/6 of the year before. Has to at least add to 183 days

Definition of Nonresident Alien:

·         Taxed only on US sourced Income

Anja Drewes, RE/MAX Elite 713-298-9177

Please verify all Information; this is just a brief summary

Open House today from 3 to 5pm 10/15/2011

Unusually large and very gently lived in patio home w.3 bedr.+ 2.5 baths and study w.French doors and hard wood floor, large utility room. The backyard is a true retreat w.enlarged covered patio+custom outside kitchen.Large island kitchen, custom shelves, sprinkler system, custom front door. TV and appliances are negotiable with accepted price. What a deal in one of the most appealing and most desired sections of Telfair!

Before you start searching for your next lease Home, you should know how much rent you can afford. Simply divide your combined annual incomes by 40.

You might have also heard that you should spend no more than 30% of your annual income on rent, leaving enough money for all your other expenses.

So Whats the difference between 30% and 40 times the monthly rent? Absolutely nothing, theyre just two different ways of deriving the same number.  The 40x trick is just easier to calculate.


When coming over to the US, you have a couple items to pay attention to so you can eventually get a Mortgage.   I will go over the specific things to address when you move to the United States and how to be better prepared for eventually getting a Mortgage.  Here they are:

Your Visa- Most likely you will be here on a Visa.  You want to make sure that Visa is an approved Visa to get a mortgage.  For the list of Visa's: Immigration Visa.  If Your Mortgage Lender denied you for a mortggage because of your Visa, but it appears on this list, Contact Me.  

Your Credit- When moving to the US, your mortgage lender wants to see stability and a payment history.  Even thou you may have credit in your prior country, it will not show up on an American credit report.  Unless it was an American account.  So you will want to open at least 3 credit accounts.  The easiest way to do this is to open a credit card account with stores such as Target, Best Buy, Conn's or a secured credit card from your bank.  Use this credit card monthly, but make sure to pay it off monthly also.  Or leave a small balance.  If you can, getting a car loan will also be helpful.  But make sure the Car loan will be reported on your Credit Report.

Job- If you are getting transferred to the US with the same job, that is great.  We will just need to verify that you are going to make the same income.  If you are starting a new job, we need to have 30 days worth of paystubs.  If you did not work for a long period between your last job and the new one, you may have additional guidelines

Money- If you plan on moving money  from your past country to the United States, you will need to document that.  So if you transferred money to your bank here, we will need proof of the last 60 days of your prior bank account.  Bank Statements would work.  If you have cash before and are transferring that to the US, you will need to have that money here in the US for 60+ days before applying for your mortgage. 

Rent- When paying your rent pay with a check.  Many times a lender will want to see a payment history of your rent payments.  This way you will have a record of your payments.

Conclusion:  Every lender has different rules for situations like this.  And this article is a general overview so you will be better prepared for any lenders requirements.   Your Visa must be on the list.  For Credit, it is best to have 3 credit tradelines for 12mths.  But, sometimes I can get someone approved with less.  Like I mentioned every lender may differ in their specific guidelines.  I suggest finding a Great Mortgage Banker as soon as you move here and ask him to make a specific plan for you.  That way when it comes time to buy a home you are prepared and able to get approved for your mortgage.

David Krichmar
anja Drewes



You can get a mortgage if you have a H1B visa, along with other type of Immigration Visas. If you are here in the United States and on a VISA you will want to know if you can get a mortgage to purchase your dream home. Below is the list of Visa's that someone can have to get a FHA or Conventional Mortgage:

  • E-1,2,3
  • G-1,2,3,4,
  • H1B and H1C
  • L-1A and L-1B
  • P-1
  • R-2
  • TN
  • V-1,2,3

Visa's that have requirements:

  • H-4:only if H-1B is on the loan
  • L-2: only if L-1A and/or L-1B is on the loan
  • P-4: only if P-1 is on the loan
  • R-2: only if R-1 is on the loan
  • TD: only if TN is on the loan
  • K-1:only if American citizen is on the loan also
  • K-2,3,4: only if American citizen is on the loan

All of these Visa's that have requirements are for spouses or children of the person with the approved visa.

Anja Drewes added Resort Certification Expertise in Second-Home and Resort Market

Sugar Land, Texas, June 23,2011 — Introduced in January 2006, the Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS) Certification is a nationally-recognized certification awarded by the National Association of REALTORS® to real estate professionals who wish to demonstrate and promote – to consumers and their peers alike – their expertise in the varied specialty. Anja Drewes from Re/Max Elite was awarded this Certification.

Just about every market contains second-home properties, not just obvious resort areas. In addition to classic vacation homes, the niche also includes properties for investment purposes. “The RSPS certification program offers one of the most powerful networking opportunities. You will connect with agents across the country and share your local knowledge to attain referrals. In the process you will educate yourself above your competitors by attaining insight of other second home and resort areas in the United States and abroad. You can connect through the many social media sites or in person at the Resort and Second Home Symposium- the premier education and networking event for this group.”

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