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Investing for the future, HELLO?????? Read this!
I recently worked with an investor who bought several homes in the Real Estate crash of the 80's and rented them out until the market recovered. He then remodeled them and sold them for a fortune in equity, that is what he is doing yet again because of the crash. Yes we are in a recession and a very down market which in turn means GREAT BUYS for the future. If you have ever thought of "flipping" houses like the famous TLC show sparked "Flip this House", then now is your window of opportunity...opportunity is KNOCKING seriously.
Another customer husband and wife team bought an investment home from me recently saying they had lost almost all there stock money and were convinced that Real Estate was the only thing they were going to invest in from now on - smart folks!

Home prices being reduced daily that were only three years ago worth thousands more, will come back up in value. Think about it, homes are a necessity, and Houston is the number city for job growth and we live in the Energy Capital. There will always be a need for homes and the best time to buy is when there is a slump, right? Or would rather wait until the market recovers in a few years and pay way more for the same house - doesn't make sense. Real Estate is the only investment you can make that is at least risk like the stock market.

When I started my career in Real Estate 13 years ago, interest rates where 9%!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY THEY ARE hovering around 4%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO???

A home loan in the amount of $150,000 @ 9% was = $1,206.93
A home loan in the amount of $150,000 @ 4% is = $716.12


Rates will go up eventually so buy now with the lowest rates in record history, sit on it and win big later...

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