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This blog will be a place to hang out,comment,chat,and provide some helpful information for questions asked of me during my Realtor adventures.

Trees Enhase Your Home for Quick Sale

July 13th, 2010

I love trees so I guess I am a tree hugger. 

The town in which I have lived for a few years now experienced a hurricane event in 1989 that downed many, many oak trees. Prior to that hurricane event you could drive down several streets and be in total tree shade that lined the streets for blocks and blocks.

The last hurricane, Ike,  took even more trees. The hardest hit from my point of view were the tall pines that some people planted.

I had hoped that many homeowners would have replanted their oak trees but if they did; they, along with the young ones still standing will take along time to grow. It will be years until the young ones that withstood the merciless path of a hurricane to rein majestically over the other trees in the area.

Trees are valuable to homeowners. I myself purchased my house partly because of the tree in the front yard. I also have many clients that want acreage with many trees. They enhance the beauty of a home.

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