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603 Ames, Spring, Texas. Thoughts on my last childhood home

October 11th, 2017

I'm going to share a secret with you, because you bothered to read my blog:

I've known my newest listing, 603 Ames, since I was eight years old.  We've always referred to it that way, because Uncle Mike did, as "603 Ames". "What are we doing for Christmas, Mom?" "603 Ames."  

It's my Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Mike's home.  Oh, heck. Now I'm crying, because Aunt Jeannie is no longer with us.  

Micheal and Teresa and Chris grew up there. They played in the Spring High School band, and in Wunsche Middle School football, and served on, I don't know, what... Student Council? Yearbook? Newspaper? Class President? Yep. All of that, as far as I know. They were amazing, because their parents were amazing, and raised them in church, and it was the 70's.

My husband went to school with them, but he didn't know them, because they were good kids. My husband was a naughty boy. ;-)

And Hurricane Harvey messed up our last family home. But you know what?

Harvey could not ruin the bones of that beautiful home. 

So, if you are looking for a home that never flooded until Horrible Harvey, a home you can buy flood insurance for and fix up to be YOUR family's home, a home with an insanely enormous yard 20 minutes from IAH and The Woodlands, then you should buy 603 Ames. Find the cash, because VA and FHA won't finance a home that needs sheetrock installed. DESPITE the fact that the air conditioner still runs and the toilets all flush.  

But be warned. If you buy this home and love it, I'll probably drop in on you and insinuate myself into your family. Because if you buy our house, you're family.

See the  details  here.

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