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Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home's Entryway

January 20th, 2017

The entrance to a home can have a huge impact on curb appeal. It is where a potential buyer begins to form first impressions of the home's interior. However, this underappreciated area gets neglected even though it can be the easiest and least costly places in your home to upgrade for the largest impact.

Most entryways are handicapped from crowded coat racks and much too large furniture pieces that wind up making the space feel smaller and cluttered. Here are some easy ways to enhance your home's entryway:

  • Mirror mirror on the wall: Since most entryways are small, a mirror can give the illusion of more space. In addition, it gives you a great place to check yourself out before heading out.
  • Let there be light: Your entryway can project a welcoming glow with some additional light from a small lamp. 
  • Everything is rosy: Add a touch of color and a fragrant scent by placing an orchid, potted plant, or vase of blooms.
  • Bench them: If there is space in your entryay, add a bench to sit to put on shoes that ideally has some storage. Add a matching color splash via pillow to help brighten the space

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