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Wow, Matrix really sucks!

What s&^% is change. As Realtors we are often required to move quickly and efficiently in a short period of time. We had tempo so long we could use it in our sleep. I played with matrix before the cutoff, did not attend classes yet but will on Tuesday. more...Posted 6 days ago

Lease and rentals education for a realtor

I assume your just starting out. If this is the market you wish to pursue I would: 1) look for a broker who offers training in this area. 2) seek a team and offer your assistance. On the job training is the nature of this beast. nnGood LuckPosted 3 weeks ago

ending the option period

Terminate. or Amendment ending option period. Posted 1 month ago

Fake Investor in the area posing to purchase 75 homes?

Deal Seekers real or not are coming in from all over. Many attempting to cash in from the loss of others. I don't pay much attention to them as most are a waste of time. Caution owners and other agents to vett these "investors." Be careful if you more...Posted 1 month ago

What are the differences between option pending, pending-continue to show, and pending?

All previous responses (3) are accurate when differentiating between the statuses mentioned. I believe some important points need mentioning that may assist buyers better understand the intricacies of the Texas Real Estate contract. In my opinion these more...Posted 1 month ago

Sharing Listings - How Many Is Too Many?

Depends on the buyer profile. It they are young and adept to spending time online they can sort through a relatively high number. However if they are older, they may become annoyed at the number of listings sent that don't meet the criteria. What more...Posted 2 months ago

HOA's Addendum. What is the best strategy for the buyer?

The best strategy for the buyer is to be able to make the most informed decision possible. The dynamics of the transaction may dictate which boxes to check and who pays what. Your question refers to a "strategy" therefore I assume your competing against more...Posted 1 month ago

Lease with option to purchase.

All responses have been cautions to you against this type arrangement. I agree. Its seldom used for a myriad of reasons. Outcomes usually unfavorable for both parties. But to answer your question from the lenders perspective (being a lender 15 years more...Posted 2 months ago


Answer is a reasonable amount of time. The "coming soon" signs don't have quite the impact in this balanced buyer leaning market. I think now they can be used as a "notice," nothing more. Posted 2 months ago

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