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Harvey Flood affected homes

Thats a good question. Hard to find the answer, here is the link to the EPA website: Assurances will have to be made to prospective homeowners. Reputable contractor receipts and photos will help. more...Posted 6 days ago

Tenant backoff 1 hour after lease signed

Sounds like you have a legally binding contract. However not being an attorney nor having all the facts I can't provide legal advice. I would consult with an attorney or the TREC legal Hotline for guidance. nnReality based Realtor advice: in our business more...Posted 7 days ago

Should I relist now or wait?

I agree with most of the previous comments. As realtors we do care, it's in our nature or we couldn't be a ReAltor and deal with the client and their needs effectively. nnWhy no sale? Not being familiar with your home or neighborhood only allows more...Posted 2 weeks ago

Market appreciation till when??

We will have appreciation as long as we continue to have a net increase in population. It will vary from area to area, always does. Some areas will see little to no appreciation while others closer in where the jobs are and better mobility will appreciate more...Posted 3 months ago

Does the seller fix the broken inground pool or back fill it with dirt?

Depends. Is it repairable? And if so at what cost. It's also not as easy to fill them in as it sounds. What does a pool add to the value of a home? People don't usually buy a home because of a pool, but they may turn it down because of one. Posted 5 months ago

I am out of state now

Let us set you up on an auto search that sends you similar properties activity within a stated time-frame and location. This is used primarily for buyers, but sellers can use as well. This should help cut through the fluff and into the facts. nnWhat more...Posted 6 months ago

What adjectives would you used to describe a home designed with ada features? I have a potential listing coming on a completely custom home that was built for a kid confined to a motorized wheelchair.

I would be gentle and refer to it simply as "ADA Compliant" as a keyword. I would not use the term "kid" or any other age specific descriptions. Disabilities do not discriminate race, color, creed, gender, nationality or age. (protected classes)nnThose more...Posted 8 months ago

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