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Andrea French discusses the Top 4 most congested traffic areas in Houston, including the Top 1 – West Loop. Andrea is with TAG Houston. Proposition 1 was passed in 2014 to help widen and improve roadways in the area and will help reduce accidents, truck accidents, and increase lifestyle for Houston residents over time. Listen to Houston Real Estate Radio weekly on NewsRadio 740AM at 11AM to get all of your most up to date news and information on Houston real estate with Shannon Register.

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Shannon Register, Broker and Owner of Register Real Estate Advisors and Host of “Houston Real Estate Radio,” talks with Chris Childress and Keith Hebert about finding property using a Realtor through the Multiple Listing Service. They also discuss new housing at 290 and the Grand Parkway. When a seller asks to stay in their house a few days after the close so they can get their stuff out, what do you do? They also answer that question. Have a listen!

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Realtors must be cautious these days when showing properties. Hanan Yadin with ISI Training Center is a security expert that trains Realtors. If you’re interested in taking one of Hanan’s Trec Approved 2 hour MCE Courses please contact him. The two part videos below explain how careful real estate professionals needs to be in today’s market. Hanan will be at RREA doing his Concealed Handgun Class on January 17th.

His website is

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As a buyer or seller, you probably don’t know much about Realtors. You know about the market and builders and inventory and houses, but you probably only know about Realtors who send you marketing pieces or you found them online. Here’s something you need to know…

There are currently about 27,000 Realtors in the Houston market. Of those Realtors, only a small percentage actually close transactions on a regular basis. The reason for this is simple, there’s such a low barrier to enter into the real estate industry, that almost anyone can get a license. You don’t need a high school degree, you just need 6 classes required by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Once you have those classes, which you can take online in a weekend, you can then go take the test to become a real estate agent. To pass the state and national portions of the test, there are prep classes you can take over and over again until you pass the test. Then even if you fail the test, you can keep retaking it and you can keep retaking the prep classes over and over again for free if you paid once in the past. So for that reason, it is my belief that ANYONE in Houston can get a real estate license if they are not a felon.

So as a buyer or seller, you have to do your homework on the Realtor you select to help you through buying and selling a home. You want to make sure you choose the right Realtor, because otherwise you could get stuck in a contract with someone that doesn’t know much and hasn’t closed much. In my opinion, having a part time Realtor that’s not up on the laws and isn’t available to talk to you during working hours, is a terrible idea! The only time to get in touch with the lender and title companies are usually going to be 8-5 when a part time agent won’t be available to talk if they have another career.

Many consumers think the biggest part of a Realtor’s job is to show them houses. In fact, I consider that the least part of my job. You can find the house you want online and I can show it to you, but my job really begins when you find one you like. Then we start negotiating, we get into the contract and there’s decision making, and there are many options. The option period is full of due diligence. Next the Realtor works with the appraiser, surveyor, title company, lender, inspector, and others to make sure your home closes on time without issue. If there are issues, it’s the Realtor that is taking care of those and coordinating everything. You see, by the time you realize there’s an issue and you realize you need a good Realtor because there’s a problem, you’re already stuck with the agent you’ve been working with. So make sure ahead of time that the Realtor or real estate agent you use is up to date, has experience, knows the market, knows the contract, knows the process, knows how to take care of you throughout the transaction. You want them to be available when you need them and not stuck at another job where they can’t take care of your issues during the day.

For sellers, the important things is market your home to sell and pricing it correctly. That takes skills. You want a Realtor with experience, a track record. Look for someone with letters…those designations mean more education and higher standards of practice. Also look for an agent that will give you professional services like professional videos, professional photos, a supra lockbox, use a showing service, and nice marketing pieces.

Why a supra lock box? Because it is satellite controlled and trackable! You know who’s been in your home and how long they were there. If something comes up missing, you are much more likely to figure out the mystery.

Many agents refuse to pay for a Showing Service. No one is available 24/7 to answer their phone, but if a Realtor has their listing with a showing service other agents can schedule showings online anytime and can call 7 days a week for a showing and the phone is always answered during business hours. If your agent handles the calls, they could miss it!

At RREA, we feel photo and video is so important to selling real estate that we created our own in house marketing company, RREA Media, to help agents sell houses. No other real estate brokerage has that! No franchise, no others. RREA is the leader! So why not use an RREA agent that will include professional photos and videos on your listing for FREE!

For all of these reasons, whether buying or selling, it’s important to ask questions and get to know your agent. Make sure this is the person you want on your side if the deal turns south. I have seen many real estate transactions get complicated and turn south quickly. You want an agent that can get resolution, find solutions, and take care of your transaction from the beginning through the closing!

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Michael Garfield, the High Tech Texan, talks home automation and new home technology with Shannon Register on Houston Real Estate Radio at the fall home and garden show. If you have toys from the holidays that you need help with, call into Michael’s show for some assistance.

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In this video Shannon and Pam Bailey talk about Home Owner Associations’s and Property Management Company relationships. They talk about what services Management companies should provide different kinds of HOA’s depending on size and amenities. They also discuss the HOA Boards and how they should be trained and educated. Having a good board that knows what they should be doing really affects an HOA and subdivision either positively or negatively.

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My advice, always use a Realtor. People ask me all the time whether they should use a Realtor to purchase a new construction home. YES! Use a Realtor on EVERY real estate transaction! You will never know how many things your Realtor has protected you from in a transaction. You will never know all the behind the scenes things they are doing to help you close on your home.

People often say, “All my Realtor did was show me a house I already found on the internet and made $6K!”

My response, “That $6K was not for your showing or for the work they did on your transaction. It was for the years of education and training and trial and error and research they did that protected you from every bad things that could have stood between you and your home.”

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Will Holder, the President of Trendmaker Homes, went on air with Shannon Register on Houston Real Estate Radio. He has worked in the home building industry for over 30 years. Will started working for Trendmaker in 1993 and became the president in 2006 and led the company to become the leader in luxury production homebuilding and Master Planned Community development.

Founded in 1971, Trendmaker Homes operates across Texas under three brands: Trendmaker Homes, Avanti Custom Homes, and Texas Casual Cottages. Trendmaker is known for it’s award winning home designs and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Will served as the 2012 president of the Greater Houston Homebuilders Association (GHBA).

Trendmaker Homes walked away with many awards at this year’s GHBA Prism Awards in Houston.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new construction Trendmaker Home please call 281-288-3500 and we will be happy to help you!

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Abby Vassek talks about how important design and staging is when you are selling your home. Make sure you hire a professional to do the job for you. When Shannon Register sells a home, sometimes she stages them herself! She has the ASP Home Staging Designation and uses it often. If a home staging company is necessary, she hires them. Call Shannon if you need help selling your next home. 281-288-3500.

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Purchasing a home instead of leasing a home, make it your 2015 GOAL! Leasing is good ONLY for the time being, to save money, to relocate and get familiar with area(s) and to get your credit together so that you can eventually be able to purchase your OWN home. So stop paying the LANDLORDS money and make an investment by purchasing a home of your own. Start by contacting me TODAY!!!

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