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Caring, considerate and a confident house hunter!
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I am new at blogging and would like to welcome you to read my thoughts on every subject that is in my head about everything I think is important. Please feel free to comment and voice your own opinion.
Help fight real estate scams: Share this information with consumers

Scammers have found a new way to fake listings online and trick consumers. It involves scraping listings from sites like Zillow and impersonating real estate agents in an attempt to collect fees from consumers. Scams like these aren’t going away, so the Texas Association of REALTORS® is working to raise awareness among consumers that there’s only one trusted source for real estate information—a Texas REALTOR®.

Linda Larson
, on May 9, 2013 at 9:22 pm said:

I had a client contact me about a house
for lease on craigslist. She emailed the
person and they emailed her back and said
she was the owner and was out of the country
and if my client mailed her the rent fee
she would send her the keys. She also said
that there was a sign in the front yard but
to ignore it because she had cancelled the
listing agreement with the agent. My client
decided she should contact me before she
did anything. I researched the address and
discovered she was NOT the owner and the
house was listed and active by a RE agent.
My client was very glad she called me. I asked her to email her back to let her know
what I told her. I went onto Craigslist right after that to find the ad and she had already
deleted it. I also contacted the RE agent to make her aware. I have shared this story with many of my clients. Yes everybody should use a professional when selling, buying or leasing Real Estate.

Houston is so hot, so humid and I want to go live in California or Miami or Las Vegas, Nevada! I just want to feel that California cool weather, wind blow through my hair. I wanna lay out on the beaches of Miami and see hot skinny things walk around in xs bikinis. I wanna live in Vegas where all things are wild and fun!

I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR! I honestly can say I agree! Get Me out of here. But I can not live with California's traffic and high priced living. You can forget that! I would definitely move to San Francisco! But it still is so expensive to live there, I will need to sell one of my kids. Okay I'm joking. Well how about Miami? Beaches, tourist, down market? Aw man, it just sounded nice starting with BEACHES! I can honestly say, without Galveston, I wouldn't know how to appreciate a real beach! *cheese* Okay so maybe it wouldn't be a good investment to live in an area where you have to evacuate during hurricane season or deal with the tourism. Can't beat Houston's housing market. Next!

Last but not least Viva Las Vegas! Shining lights, glitz and glamour, Big Ballin, wait wait I don't have money to gamble every day! I stayed here for 1 whole week one time and got sick of that place! Scratch this idea out! Plus the housing market here isn't all that great either! Houston's housing market has been stable, ever since the whole crisis down fall of the nation's economy. Maybe I can deal with Houston's heat and know that traffic time is between 7-9pm going towards 610, 4-7pm going to Sugar land, and weekends are free unless there's construction! Houston's got art, music, and beach! Not much but I can go fishing or drive to a beach, relax on my day off and drive home without taking any sick days off. Flights from Houston to Mexico are only 2 1/2 hours! There's a cruise ship departing! It IS very affordable to live here. I can get a 3000 sqft, new home, great schools, for under $250k.

Maybe I will stay in Houston a little while longer. Its not so bad here after all. Houston has a great social scene, artsy and is a diversed city. A couple of hours away from Austin and an hour away from the beach. Rent a beach house for the weekend and you got a nice get away without spending thousands. Houston is my home but can we somehow exchange the weather?
Thinking of just letting it go? Tired of it all? Stressed? Don't know what else to do? I'm talking about letting it go into foreclosure. Is it as easy as it sounds just stop making payments and bye bye home? Foreclosure will haunt you for 7 years plus. A lot can happen in 7 years. How will this effect your credit report? Future resident? Foreclosures do major damage than you think. Come talk to me about saving yourself from this corner you think you're in. My broker and I can help you with a process called shortsale. This process does less damage to your credit, 2-3 years of idle before you can rent or buy again compared to 7-10years foreclosure, -100 points off your credit report and it saves your from Foreclosure.  Call me today and let us work for you.

Just ask me how the market is in your area. Give me a call and I can provide this information for you so that you can make an informed decision.

Visit my website :

Here you can answer your questions and upload more information about the market place and any relative news about the job market and how it's effecting your housing market.

Currently mortgage rates are record low, so take advantage of this great opportunity.
So you want to sell your own home without hiring a Real Estate Agent? You say you want to save on commission, you say all we do is list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and sit back? I wouldn't want to insult your intelligence and tell you that I have a buyer for your home because the truth is neither me nor any of the agents that you've talked to have a buyer for your home, otherwise it would already be sold, wouldn't it? Let's talk about the numbers, Real Estate Agents like myself save homeowners an average of 30%, we set out a plan on marketing the home, researching, negotiation skills and we pre-qualify serious buyers. we have over 60,000 Realtors members of the Houston Association which has a large pool of consumers and qualified buyers.

Let's also talk about safety. You are selling your own home and opening your doors to complete strangers who are posing as clients but are potential criminals. Most for sale by owners also over priced their home therefore it sits on the market for longer when not listed with a Real Estate Agent. The Question boils down to is how motivated are you to sell your home? Call me and set up an appointment so I can come out and preview your home and talk about what your home will sell for and what it will take to get it sold!

Caroline Tran
Property Wise Realty

updated June 9,2010

Thinking of putting your home on craigs list? You might want to re-consider who you invite inside your home? Not only do you have to worry about who has been inside your home but scams. Don't mess with the money.

about > scams

Personal Safety Tips       craigslist help forum


You can sidestep would-be scammers by following these common-sense rules:

  • DEAL LOCALLY WITH FOLKS YOU CAN MEET IN PERSON - follow this one simple rule and you will avoid 99% of the scam attempts on craigslist.
  • NEVER WIRE FUNDS VIA WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM or any other wire service - anyone who asks you to do so is a scammer.
  • CRAIGSLIST IS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY TRANSACTION, and does not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification"
  • NEVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION (bank account number, social security number, eBay/PayPal info, etc.)

How do you like living in your area? I've always wondered how it would be like to live in the Heights area or on Monstrose? Sugarland is where I call home. Once you exit and drive down hwy 6, you have a good mix of new and old. New meaning the new restaurants, bars, lounges, wineries, city hall, abundance of shopping, grocery stores and banks. Old meaning the trees in Sugarland. If you haven't visited its beautiful to drive down the many streets and the trees over hang from the side like a parachute. Try visiting Oyster Creek Park, where there is a trail to ride your bike, roller blade or just walk along the trail that lead you to the natural lake. Entering this park you walk over a bridge and below is a river full of ducks, fish and turtles. Upon entering the park, you are blessed with a water pond fountain. That is my favorite part. Besides that, drive down Austin Parkway and you'll get a sense of peace, I have picnics there all the time. There is also a beach volleyball court that is pretty popular. When you're down here try Aura,

Go to HEB in Sienna Plantation its like a Central Market in Sugarland. I love it, sample foods, watch the chef cook and sample wine.

Want to get involved in the community? There are so many churches and volunteer opportunities in Sugarland! I love it!

New to town? New to going out? Don't know where to hang out after work or on the weekends? Monday thru Friday you can find the funest places in houston to hang out where all the locals go to hook up, listen to music and dance. Let me start adding to a list. I'll try to update this list as often as I can.

Anywhere in the Heights!


Brixx  wed & thurs


Republika tuesdays

Benjy's any day and on sunday funday

Pearl Bar

Foundation Room near the House of Blues. Great venue, nicely decorated in indian decor, incensed and wide range of music selections.
Want to sing?
Ask for my friend Terry Wong at Glitter karaoke.Midtown

Rainbow Flag? Try
Just want to LOUNGE AROUND?
Try Anvil monstrose area

Four Season Hotel

High Class Lounging at HOTEL ZAZA

Red Room Lounge and Patio but come early, they are strict on dress code and who is who can come in but a must to be at on Saturday night

PROHIBITION BAR- at the Galleria Mall, get the Prohibition Mule and thank me later!
Just want to drink Wine and Relax?
Cova two locations, one in the heights and one on kirby

Max's Wine Dive try their fried egg sandwich too!

The Tasting Room and all their locations, uptown park and on west alabama have live band playing weekends
Just want STEAK NIGHT?

Glitter, Again! Yes sing and eat steak! wow what a great combo!

be prepared to wait for your food but its so worth it!!!


My Favorite, Saint Danes

My Second Favorite is Tavern

Just want to chill? Monstrose is the best place to hang out with eclectic crowd, musicans, local artists, proud gay communitity, rock stars, banjos, local bands and more i love this part of town.

The Flat

Etro where 80's music rule

Boondocks Rock to ecletic music

Pulp Fiction piano playing live and crazy

Red Cat Jazz & Cafe
Just Beer, YOU and outdoor Patio

Front Porch

What to eat? I like it all, Thai food, Korean food, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, American, French, Italian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Indian, Persian. Come check out the ones I have eaten at and experience what Houston has to offer.

What's not on the list but also great food and a must to eat at:

Tan Tan on bellaire and ranchester

Fung's Kitchen Dim Sum on Sundays on 59s and Fondren

Pho Saigon on Milam in midtown

Aura in Sugarland, best kept secret, cute little french restaurant, hand picked wines

Want BBQ? come to Spring Creek or Live Oaks Grill..

I love 13 Celcius its on Caroline Street :)

HotPot City in viet hoa shopping center next to boiling crab

Masraff's on Post Oak and you must get the calamari, its like butter melting in your mouth!

Les Mistral

Raku-Midtown, ask for Patrick he will take care of you. Order the JP Snapper and call me so I can enjoy this with you!

Quattro @Four Season Hotel BEST BRUNCH IN TOWN!

Follow Social Light Production and go to their events its really fun.
They do dragon boat racing, bowling, happy hours, painting classes!/pages/Houston-TX/Social-Light-Productions/106341409130?ref=ts

Romantic places.
Rice university, walk and enjoy the trees
Science Muesum, oh yes it is
Japanese Garden at Hermann Park
Hotel ZaZa
Walking anywhere in the Muesum District
Old World Gothic Catholic churches, I prefer you fly me to Notre Dame hahaha
Anywhere there is a bomb fire. Patio with your drank
Camping at the Renaissance, yes its romantic!
Cooking in your kitchen with just an apron on.
Olivette is pretty darn romantic

There are easy ways to going green.

Go Paperfree. Reduce the waste you create by going paperless. Grab your mail, magazines, advertisements, bills, credit card offers and recycle them. Take time to switch your bills to paperless billing or e-statements. When printing at home, be selective at what you are printing. Once you recycle you won't go back. It feels good to recycle.

Unplug yourself. Turn off those electronic devices. Grab a good book and go read by the sunlit window. Take a nice walk around the neighborhood and bike ride to your local park. Unplug all those appliances that aren't in use. That alone saves on electricity bill. Set your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer to save on heating and cooling costs. Switch those bulbs to Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs when your older incandescents burn out.

Conserve Water. Let's try to not waste water. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Limit your hot water use when bathing or washing your face. Switching your detergent and use cold water for dirty laundry. Use energy efficient appliances to help conserve water. Water your plants in the evening when the sun isn't out.

Recycle and Reuse it. I keep a recycle bin in my restroom under the sink so when I need I can dump all my recycles easily. Empty shampoo bottles, face toners, empty soap boxes and plastic moisturizer bottles and everything paper or plastic. Keep your cell phones,
computers, and other electronics as long as possible. Donate or recycle them responsibly when the time comes. E-waste contains mercury and other toxics and is a growing environmental problem.Recycle your cell phone. Ask your local government to set up an electronics recycling and hazardous waste collection event.

Save the date, Sugarland is having an Earth Day Celebration on Friday, April 23 2010, 5pm- 9pm in the Town Square located adjacent to the City Hall.

Eagle Electronics Resources will be on hand to collect household electronics such as TVs, VCRs, stereos, computers, printers, keyboards, scanners, cell phones, digital cameras and PDA's.

Also Fort Bend county Women's Center will be attending to accept donations of clothing and household items for resale at the Pennywise Resale Location. The sale of the donations will assist survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

There will also be music, dance and comedy while utilizing recycled materials. I hope you will make time to attend this great celebration.

Here are some websites to check out to learn more about going green and how you can calculate your carbon footprint and how to make our earth as beautiful as it was meant to be.

keep sugarland beautiful

calculate your carbon footprint here.

Do you dry clean? I do and its in a green way too!
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