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On-Line Residential Property Tax Evaluation Service for homeowners in Harris, Ft. Bend, Dallas, Galveston, Montgomery & Travis Counties. We empower homeowners with the evidence and recommended value to successfully fight their property taxes!

Dallas County, Ft. Bend County and Galveston County Appraisal Districts Launch on-line Protest Programs in 2011

March 17th, 2011


We live in such interesting times….Smartphones, iPads and other tablets, QR codes and let’s not forget all the cool apps that we can download!  I actually read an article within the last couple of weeks, where a citizen beat their speeding ticket by providing proof from his Android app, Google Tracks,  that he was not in fact speeding! It appeared from the article, that the Judge was quite interested in this app.

Homeowners keep the money in their pocket/bank Account with

Information at our fingertips is so convenient.  Even the Appraisal Districts (in Texas at least) are catching on and developing on-line programs to file and in some cases, settle protests of property taxes.  Harris County Appraisal District’s programs are called iFile and iSettle.  For now, this program is designed for the use of Homeowners that have a homestead exemption on their property (no investors); and the value of the property must be under $1M. 

Dallas County Appraisal District has rolled out their new on-line programs, uFile and uFile Online Settlement.  These programs can be used for residential, commercial and personal property.

Fort Bend County Appraisal District has also rolled out on-line filing and settlement programs.  For some reason, they didn’t give the programs one of these “catchy” titles!  Regardless, they have developed the on-line programs!

Galveston County Appraisal District advised this week that they plan to launch their on-line residential programs, eFile in time for the 2011 tax season as well.  Similar to the on-line program for Harris County Appraisal District, this program is designed for the use of Homeowners that have a homestead exemption on their property (no investors); and the value of the property must be under $1M. is an on-line residential property tax evaluation service that goes hand in hand with these on-line services.  At present, it is designed to evaluate residential properties only, but we have plans to expand into other arenas in the future.  In short, Homeowners key-in their address or property tax account number, and in less than 2 minutes, our system evaluates the property and advises whether or not the Appraisal District’s assessed value is too high, when compared to adjusted comparable properties, located in the immediate neighborhood of the subject property. This is a no risk, no cost evaluation.  If a protest is recommended, the Homeowner can purchase the evidence package (which is a detailed report that lists the properly adjusted properties that justify a reduction in the assessed value of the subject property) for $49.99. 

We empower Homeowners with the information to confidently and successfully protest their assessed value with the Appraisal Districts.  Homeowners have the right to fight back and protest their property taxes; they just need to empower themselves with the evidence to justify a lower assessed value.  Our service takes away the power of the mediating institutions and puts it all in the hands of the Homeowners.  It’s about keeping the money in the Homeowner’s pocket; not putting it in the taxman’s nor the tax agent’s pocket!

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