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Do You Provide The Home Owner/Seller Receipts of Your Marketing Expenses?

October 5th, 2011

Has anyone ever asked you to provide receipts?  Is this something you normally do?  

In a recent conversation with this young mom from my church --- she was talking about putting their home on the market, and how stressful "the whole moving thing" is -- starting with finding a realtor.   Her young husband had received a well deserved and coveted promotion that required them to relocate.

"I know", I said, "it can be a little daunting, but just take it a step at a time and you'll be fine"

"Oh, we interviewed several agents and signed with one on Wednesday", she said.

"Well good for you" I replied, "finding the right "fit" is not always easy to do, but it sounds like you're doing fine"

"Oh yes, we were AMAZED at how much marketing costs. He explained that in the first two weeks our home is on the market, he will easily spend $1500 on marketing, which is one of the reasons we went with him".

No Comment from me.... I SMILED... and nodded and looked at my watch and waved as I hurried off..."Well, good luck to you .. I'm crossin' my fingers for a quick sale", as I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Now maybe you believe an agent is spending $1500 to market a $150K house.. but I don't.  But am I going to say something to that effect to this young lady .. who has  already signed with this agent and needs to believe in him  and trust him? Nope. ZIPPED LIPS!

Yeah, OK I did look it up online ... listed for $143,000 - 1 story, 3 bedroom in a suburban community.  And where the heck did he spend $1500 on marketing --- with 7 point-and-shoot photos online professional photographer.... no staging ...nada.

Uh... so what the HECK was in that $1500 worth of marketing he quoted ... 5 years of MLS dues? Gas and car payment?   Mortgage payment on his own home? Is it gross value before your broker's discount ... ie. photo package is $200, but with your broker's volume discount the cost to you is $99 ... but the $200 full price is quoted in your presentation????

I understand the concept of "gilding the lily" when giving a listing presentation .. but SERIOUSLY??  Which brings me to my question --- has anybody ever asked you for receipts?  Are you accountable to your client to provide copies of receipts/expenditures corresponding to the marketing plan you outlined?    How would you feel if they asked for them??? Would you think them ... suspicious? distrustful?  or is this a legitimate request? 

And if any of you guys can figure out what could have been included in the marketing package to come out to the $1500 quoted in the listing presentation... I"m deadly curious.  Personally, I think the guy is a weasel, and no way will I ever be recommending him.  

Thanks for Stopping By,


Judith, The Floor Plan Lady

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