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The House Sold in San Antonio Over List Price in 7 Days; But The Marketing Was Done In Houston

October 27th, 2011

This San Antonio house just sold OVER list price with 7 DOM and 18 Days to Closing.  Only 5 photos were put onto MLS and all of them exteriors. (Links have been disabled since it has sold).

This San Antonio house just sold OVER list price with 7 DOM and 18 Days to Closing.  Only 5 photos were put onto MLS and all of them exteriors.

The interior couldn't be photographed 

San Antonio: 4 bedroom, gated community, inside Loop 1604

because an onsite estate sale was scheduled inside the property for Oct. 23rd.  In fact, the closing on Oct. 19th occurred before the estate sale was even held.

So how did THIS happen?

I did the marketing for it by creating a SMARTePLAN, Amenities Text and Floor Plan with furniture-moving capabilities that uploaded onto San Antonio's  MLS on Oct. 3rd.

The agent had 4 offers almost immediately.

The buyer, located in West Texas,  did not even see the property until the morning of closing when they did a walk-through prior to signing.  

Family members in San Antonio actually  DID tour the property in advance, so there were real eyeballs looking at the property .... they just weren't the buyer's eyeballs... they were the buyers proxy eyeballs.

The SMARTePLAN marketing materials was their primary source of information. 

You can vist the blog about this property and tour the floor plan and the very detailed room-by-room features list that figured favorably in this sale, as well as the floor plan with furniture moving capabilties. But we didn't stop at the integrated floor plans. 

Additionally, the blog's content was indexed to Google resulting in the following report given to the client showing property relevant phrases on page 1 of Google.  The list below shows the position on the page (from 1 to 10) and then the number of total Google results returned for that particular phrase. For 10 out of 10 (100%) phrases we are the number 1 position:

1 - 4 bedroom brick home close to airport san antonio                              1 / 19,400,000

2 - 4 bedroom inside loop 1604                                                             1 / 99,300

3 - 1 story home inside loop 1604                                                          1 / 61,700

4 - gated community inside loop 1604                                                    1  / 80,700

5 - formal dining room inside loop 1604                                                 1 / 185,000

6 - 1 story home with spa inside loop 1604                                             1 / 50,800

7 - 1 story home with deck inside loop 1604                                            1 / 22,200

8 - 4 bedroom with deck inside loop 1604                                               1 / 58,500

9 - 4 bedroom with spa inside loop 1604                                                1 / 62, 200

10 - 4 bedroom brick home gated community san antonio                       1/ 241,000


So if you can't get "good" photographs, don't let that stop you. Buyers are HUNGRY for information and there are other ways you can communicate the favorable features and finishes of a property besides photography or video.  When this home went on the market Oct. 3rd there were 7 other properties also on the market in this same gated community ... and they are all still there. 

Thanks for Stopping By,


Judith, The Floor Plan Lady

Photography by Jim V. Miller; Keller Williams Heritage; San Antonio


SMARTePLANS® have photos embedded inside the floor plan that launch with a mouse click ... each photo arrow is positioned in the plan where the photographer was standing --- so you can see where he was and what he was aiming at when he took the shot ... in relationship to the drawing. Beneath the photo is a description of that room. Once the photo launches you have a choice to link back to the floor plan and choose another photo, or read the amenities text for the WHOLE property (not just that particular room).  All the files are inter-linked so you can seamlessly click around this property, viewing the photos and reading the descriptions.  This is not a video ... you choose what you want to view ... or not

[NOTE: SMARTePLANS® are PDF files so they magnify to over 6400%. When the file launches, click "View" on the top toolbar and make sure there is a checkmark next to the toolbar named "Select and Zoom". Every time you tap the plus key inside the circle the view screen enlarges (the minus key shrinks the magnification); and the magnifying glass with the plus sign in it marquee selects a specific area of the drawings to be enlarged. Using the hand key and the scroll bars, its easy to move around inside the file, and then magnifying the features you want to see.]

© SMARTePLANS®  2011

The compilation above is the original creative work and copyrighted property of SMARTePLANS. You may link to it; but it may not be copied, nor reproduced in any form or format in whole or in part without the express written permission of Judith Sinnard.

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