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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to check out my realty blog. Feel free to comment, ask anything or just soak in the content and hopefully we'll all learn a little more.

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to check out my realty blog. Feel free to comment, ask anything or just soak in the content and hopefully we will all learn a little more.

Sellers Forget to Clean These 7 Places

February 19th, 2016

When preparing a home for market, it's easy to focus on decluttering or where the family pet will go during an open house. However, there are simple blind spots where dirt collects, and they are also locations that potential buyers may be scrutinizing.

Instead of having buyers dwelling on how diffuicult your home might be to keep clean, rather show off how it shines. The following are some typically overlooked places and advice to keep them clean.

The Bedskirt

OK Miss Havisham, no one wants to see a dusky bedroom, and that dirty dust ruffle that can make the room seem haggard and somber.

Clean it: Generally this can be put in the wash with the rest of the bedding. In the cases of a dry clean only skirt, it may be a good idea to send the good skirt to the cleaners and use a less expensive one for showings.

Drawer Organizers

When homeowners are getting the table ready for dinner, they are looking quickly for utensils, not crumbs. Yet buyers are likely to glance at the storage situation in any kitchen, so take care they are not nauseated by what they see.

Clean it: Common dividers should be hand washed, or ran through the dishwasher on the top drawer. The more intricate organizers can be cleaned with micro vacuum attachments or cleaning wipes.

The Dishwasher

One would assume this is one or the freshest places in the kitchen, but after prolonger use, food particles and residue can build up. Buyers are always vigilant for dated appliances so they are definitely going to take a peek.

Clean it: Run the dishwasher empty through the rinse cycle once a week for a thourough clean.


Particularly in open fixtures, dusty bulbs are dismal and unappealing. Bulb cleaning can contibute to a brighter room overall.

Clean it: Power off the light and allow time to cool off then wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

Ceiling Fan

As often as they check lights and count outlets, buyers usually  check if that fan is  actually useable or a wobbling monstrosity. Try not to let them gaze up to see dust coming down on them

Clean it: A ladder will get you close to the fan and efficiently clean it with a pillowcase by placing it over the blade and pulling it towards you to simultaneously catch the dust inside.

Washing Machine

This is especially a problem on newer models and older front-loading types that have such a good seal they become conducive to bacteria. Don't dampen the buyer's joy at a new set by greeting them with a moldy smell when they examine further.

Clean it: Let the machine air out between loads by leaving the door open. regularly clean the rubber gasket and door with a microfiber cloth. Also, every two weeks clean out the detergent dispenser the exact same way.

Kitchen Trash Can

Sure you remembered to take out the trash before a potential showing, but that bag may not be where that odor is coming from.

Clean it: Once emptied, wash the inside of the can out in a bathtub or outside. Disinfect and rinse out a second time.

Source: "11 Things in Your House that You're Probably Forgetting to Clean," (PureWow)


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