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Danny Frank

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USS Enterprise Video Scandal

January 5th, 2011

I for one am ashamed by the Department of the Navy for firing the Commander.  After watching the video that Commander Honors put out a number of years ago I find it to be just skit or short film. It was a parity to something funny. Sure it touched on subjects that are sensitive to some... But that is what a parity does. I do not think the film was hurtful or disrespectful to anyone in my opinion.... What ever happened to the term “Sticks and stone can break my bones, but words can never hurt me”.

I think the men and women of the Armed Services need a break from the hard work they do everyday and the XO did just that.... Firing the Commander reminds me of that scene from “Good Morning Vietnam” with Robin Williams. The scene where the CIA is redacting all of the important items from the news reports..... This is just political correctness run amuck... People are too easily offended by nothing... The dumbest thing can mean the end of your career. Let's not take life so seriously. Let's go back to the days of common sense and do away with the sin of political correctness. Give the Commander his job back...

Watch the video and make your own conclusions...
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