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Improve Home Value

July 11th, 2018

Whether you are looking to sell now, later, or simply just improve your home value.......

   Improving the value of your home can be exciting and extremely beneficial but there is such a thing as over investing! Lets discuss five simple ways that are more than likely DIY and will improve the value of your home.

   Starting with the two most important areas in your home that bring you the most value first is the bathroom. The bathroom is in constant use you can alway upgrade something in that area, the more simple projects are the lighting, shower heads, faucets, and toilets. With lighting install dimmers, if you need it to be brighter for makeup or shaving you can or if you need to relax you can dim. when it comes to shower heads, faucets, and the toilets make sure they work properly and make sure they are modern. Next is the kitchen this area the second most used in your home and just like the bathroom you can always find something to upgrade. Almost the exact upgrades can be done in the kitchen lighting, faucets, backsplash, and cabinets will give your kitchen a completely different look! With lighting just make sure the kitchen is extremely bright no one wants cook in low lighting! For your facets you want to go with a more modern look but that also flows with the style you currently have. The backsplash is simple you can break up tile and piece it together yourself or you can buy squares of broken tile and glue it to your wall. Now you might think that upgrading your cabinets will cost you an arm and a leg right? Wrong! When it comes to your cabinets to make them seems more modern or new all you have to do is sand them down, paint them, and put a gloss finish. These simple projects will bring major value to your home the simple fact is the bathroom and kitchen are the major selling points for a home.

   Now lets talk about two more simple home upgrades that bring value to your home curb appeal and paint. Go down the street and while you drive by your home do you think the outside aesthetic will make someone stop? If not you can do simple upgrades to your front loan like trimming your trees and bushes if you don't have any plant some and add some mulch this will compliment your home. There is nothing wrong with having every room is your home a different crazy color its your do as you please, but is you are looking to improve your home value doing a 180 is the best route. The interior of your home should flow, dont paint every room according to the furniture more than likely you'll end up buying new furniture before wanting to repaint. The best way to decide on color is to do some research on what is in at the moment or go with neutral like a light grey or soft white. These two upgrades will make your home more desirable and breathtaking therefore raising value, next is not necessarily an upgrade.

   Giving more to your principal when paying your mortgage will increase the value of your home not by making your home more expensive but by putting more money in your pocket when you sell. Another thing to keep in mind is that paying more to your principal will also lower the amount of interest you owe!

-Jovani Frank





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My blog provides awesome tips for buyers and sellers to help save time and money, while keeping you informed along the way.
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