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How Do I Rent A Home?

May 5th, 2019

   For whatever reason it may be you want to rent a home but don't know where to start or what the process is like. No worries like always i'm here to help! First let's start with market area, you will be locked in to a lease for at least a year you will want to pick an area you are interested in buying in or an area you know and like. Within that area take a look at a few neighborhoods with available rentals at night, on the weekends, and midday that way you get a feel of what you might be interacting with. 

   Once you find a home you like make sure to get all the information before applying like what is the minimum credit score, how long will they hold it, are pets allowed, what is the app fee, what utilities are covered, and what is the deposit. This way you wont be applying for homes you don't qualify for or and it saves you application fees. Now if you are a first time renter meaning you never rented not even an apartment on paper, you night be worried if they will consider you. Dont stress this on the application put down your very first landlords (your parents) as a rental references, most landlords will accept this as a rental references.

    You found the one! Now you are ready to apply, most landlords do paper applications but there are a few that have switched to applying online with is a lot more simple and faster. You will be asked to fill out an application for every adult that will be staying on the property along with copies of IDs, SSC, and a months worth of check stubs or two months worth of most recent bank statements. The best way to make the process easier is to make sure who you put as your reference for rental history and employer is reachable when the landlord contacts them, give your "landlord" and employer a heads up on what they will contacted about. keep in mind you will be competing with other applicants if the landlord ask you for more information make sure to provide it as soon as possible and if you have any stains on your record i recommend you submit a letter explaining it with your application.

   You are approved! You reached the finish line, now you will be asked to turn in the security deposit and maybe the first months rent (this may vary) and a lease agreement will sent to you MAKE SURE TO READ IT THOROUGHLY if you don't understand something ask. The lease agreement will have all the information you will need, where to make the monthly payment, how to contact the landlord/property management company, how to contact maintenance, any amenities if any, any restrictions if any, make a copy of this and keep in a safe place. Once you sign you and turn in the money the keys are you and you can start moving in on the affective day mentioned on the lease agreement. 

   CONGRATULATIONS! Keep in mind a Realtor can help you with this process for free, if you have any questions feel free to ask im here to help!

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My blog provides awesome tips for buyers and sellers to help save time and money, while keeping you informed along the way.
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