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Halloween Lighting Ideas

October 5th, 2012

Photo Credit: James Barker

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When you stroll through your neighborhood this Halloween season, get ready for some front-yard tricks and some awesome lighting treats. Halloween displays are more sophisticated — and fun — than ever, headlined by energy-saving CFL and LED extravaganzas, and powered by creative home owners who pull out all the stops when it comes to making spooky delights. Click through our slideshow and enjoy the magic!

Scary Good Savings
If you like lots of spooky light for your Halloween display but are scared to death about wasting energy, try floodlights with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). A 20-watt CFL floodlight is as bright as a 100- watt incandescent, but uses one-fifth the energy. They come in many colors; a weatherproof, 20-watt CFL floodlight is about $10 and will last 8,000 hours, or more than 30 Halloweens.

Do You Shudder at Shadows?

Photo credit James Barker
If you want to keep the fun quotient high but the cash outlay low, paper window silhouettes are wickedly cool. Make cutouts from black paper, stick them on your windows, and back them with a translucent shade or sheet. Turn up the background lights to create a whole-house luminary. Need artistic help? Download these silhouette templates.

Arch Friendlies
Photo credit Matthew Gacesa

Put a smile on your driveway with a rainbow made of plastic pumpkins. Stakes on either side of the driveway are all that’s needed to anchor an arch made of plastic PVC pipe; pumpkins are attached with zip ties. Lighting comes courtesy of a string of Christmas lights with clear bulbs; different size bulbs vary the lighting intensity for each pumpkin.
I Feel (DIY) Eyes on Me
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Landee See, Landee Do

You’ll have trick-or-treaters doing a double-take when they see the homemade eyeball string lights you’ve hung around your front entry. Ping pong balls ($4.25 per dozen) and some Christmas string lights ($18 for 50 LED lights on a 22-foot string) are the basics; color in eyes with Sharpies. LED holiday lights stay cool and won’t melt those eyeballs.

One Color, Over All

Photo Credit
Brandon Osuna

Can’t decide on a color scheme for your Halloween extravaganza? Try a monochromatic look — one color makes everything appear dreamlike. Try LED bulbs — they use 75% less energy than incandescents of similar brightness, and a single $25 bulb lets you pocket about $130 in energy savings over its 20-year lifespan. Not that you want to live in a green dream for two decades.

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