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Sussie Sutton


Sussie Sutton... Your Realtor

This blog will be a place to hang out,comment,chat,and provide some helpful information for questions asked of me during my Realtor adventures.

I have been a long time resident of the Houston, Pearland, Friendswood and Alvin area. My various jobs have provided knowledge in Big Box projects and new residential subdivisions. I have worked for a municipality for 15 years and have much information to share with you the buyer. So call me I AM YOUR REALTOR!

Phase One Environmental

May 2nd, 2011

What is a Phase One Environmental Study and when would someone need one?

This study is a study for the presence or potential presence of hazardous material such as petroleum products spilled onto the soil or from seepage from structures that are or once were on a property.  Be advised that soil contaminates can also come from groundwater.

 Anyone who wants to pay for a Phase Environmental One Study can have one ordered just like a home inspection. Usually, a study of this type can be ordered when one is purchasing undeveloped land. Even though I have never heard of anyone ordering one for their residential lot, I don't see why it can not be done. This type of inspection will review all the elements in the soil below ground.

As we all know, a home inspection will result in a licensed person coming to the home you want inspected. This person will look at just about everything in the home and let you know what kind of repairs a house may need in order for it to be mortgaged or for better price negotiations.

Sometimes an inspector's report will bring about the realization that maybe you should look else where for a home purchase.

The same can be said for an Environmental One Study. When ordered, a crew will show up on your property and do a "core" sample. This means that they will drill down into the soil with a long cylinder tube to capture a tube of the soil.

This captured tube core soil-sample will be taken back to the lab and tested for contaminants to the property. If there are chemicals present in the soil then you may want to pass on buying the property or negotiate for a better price.

Just about all residential subdivisions or big box developments may order an Environmental One study of the land prior to purchase.

I am not an engineer of any type and the information I have written above should be verified. This is what I have heard and read through my real estate travels. 

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