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5 Advantages of Making a Down Payment on a VA Loan

March 30th, 2020

Mortgages from the Department of Veterans Affairs are known for not requiring a down payment. So why in the world would you make one? Here are five good reasons to put some money down on a VA loan....

Tips and Tricks to Remove Stains, Kids Art Work and Muck From Your Walls

March 29th, 2020

You can't wait to cover up that nasty beige on your walls, but as you take a close look at all the areas you're gonna have to prep you see a lot of grime, gunk, and stuff that looks too stubborn for your standard...

10 Clever Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

March 22nd, 2020

When it's time to clean, have your trusty green cleaners at the ready -- baking soda, vinegar -- plus another ultra-cheap gem: hydrogen peroxide. You can use it anywhere, and can't beat the price: A...

What Sellers Should Know Before Accepting - or Rejecting - an Offer

February 19th, 2020

The day will come — and it will be a wonderful, joyous, do-a-happy-dance day — when you receive an offer, or multiple offers, for your home. And on that day, you’re going to face a question you may not have previ...

VA Home Loans: What You Need to Know

February 14th, 2020

Homeownership is important to the men and women of the U.S. armed forces — and to their families. Here’s what you need to know about VA loans: How they work, who can get them and all the other moving parts of a VA mortgage....

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a House?

February 11th, 2020

If you’re selling a home, you’ll want to know how much it’s going to cost you to close the deal. That way you can make a plan for buying your next house. In addition to what’s needed to pay off your mortgage, it’s smar...

Understanding Real Estate Representation

February 11th, 2020

You have choices when selecting representation in a real estate transaction. Here are five tips for understanding which type of legal relationship with a real estate professional, called an agency...

Are Home Improvements Tax Deductible?

January 27th, 2020

It’s no secret that finishing your basement will increase your home’s value. What you may not know is the money you spend on this type of home improvement could also help lower your tax bill when you sell your house....

Appeal Your Property Tax Bill

December 4th, 2019

It’s possible to trim your property tax bill by appealing the value the taxman assigned to your home. That “assessed value” is what’s used to calculate how much tax you owe....

7 Tips for Improving Your Credit

December 4th, 2019

Here’s how to clean up your credit so you get the least-expensive home loan possible. Getting the loan that suits your situation at the best possible price and terms...

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