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News about cities in Texas. Just facts & fiction sort of things! Just plain information. Not verified.

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Airbnb, what is it?

September 20th, 2021

An Airbnb is a place to stay from a home owner for a specified period of time. Airbnb stands for air mattress bed and breakfast. But unlike traditional bed and breakfast accommodations, breakfast is not typically included in a stay. Do y...

Credit Restoration Services

July 26th, 2021

Deasons Consulting Services, LLC is partnered with a non-profit organization and licensed credit restoration specialists and credit attorneys that do all the disputing on your credit reports to clean up and legally remove any negatives,...

Walker County Texas

July 16th, 2021

Huntsville or Walker Cty is located in the eastern central section of the state of Texas.  The county seat and largest city is Huntsville, and named in honor of Texas Ranger and soldier in the United States Army, Samuel H. Wa...

How much can you afford for a home mortgage??

July 15th, 2021

How much can you afford?  Well, it will vary.  Example:  If you make about 50,000. a year, take that and divide by 12 months in a year, That is about 4166. per month but that is before you take out taxes and tithe,...

Thinking about buying a home?? Part#2

July 14th, 2021

I am thinking about buying a new home, but I am not sure what to do first? That is why you need a REALTOR.  We need more listings in Texas now.  The customer needs to start researching the housing...

Did the pandemic change your housing needs?

November 16th, 2020

Did the pandemic change your housing needs?The pandemic of 2020 caused more than illness. The changes brought about because of lock-downs and cautionary measures caused an upheaval in most of our l...

Why isn't my home selling?

November 6th, 2020

3 REASONS WHY SOME Huntsville HOMES DON'T SELL...You've heard that Huntsville is experiencing a seller's market. There are more people looking for homes than homeowners wanting to sell....

Selling during the Holiday Season!

November 6th, 2020

WHEN YOUR Huntsville HOME IS FOR SALE DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON...Most of us like to do some holiday decorating, and this year it may be more important to us than ever. After the doom...

What you really want in a new home?

November 6th, 2020

Tell your agent what you REALLY want in your new homeYou've probably heard that when you are searching for a new home, you should make three lists. These lists tell your agent what you...

What are you leaving behind?

November 6th, 2020

When you make the final check before moving, remember...Before you walk out that door for the final time, check these common "hiding places" for items you'll miss if you arrive at your new...

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News about cities in Texas. Just facts & fiction sort of things! Just plain information. Not verified.
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