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The purpose of my blog is to educate the consumer about real estate.


The best way to save money, time, and stress when selling your home

November 13th, 2012

My fiancé and I bought our first house earlier this year, and while we were very happy with the process, I’m not sure the seller would say the same thing. She was selling the home as a for-sale-by-owner, and let...

What to ask the sellers after closing

November 1st, 2012

I can’t believe they left me a pile of trash, I thought. My wife and I had just closed on our first home and walked into our new kitchen to find papers, booklets, cans of paint, and othe...

What to do when an HOA’s president spends funds irresponsibly

October 30th, 2012

Many of the homeowners in my subdivision think that the new president of our homeowners association has been spending our small budget poorly. We’ve taken our concerns to the HOA’s board of directors, but they’re all friends of th...

VA Loan Fees: What’s Allowable and What’s Not

October 22nd, 2012

Shortly before closing, real estate agents guide their buyers through the HUD-1 statement. This itemized list of fees helps buyers and agents nail down every last penny of the transactional costs.A special set of rules applies to VA loan...

Myths about homeownership

October 22nd, 2012

Many consumers believe that they can't qualify for a home loan because of a variety of reasons, including spotty credit and no money for a downpayment. But times have changed. Most lenders evaluate mortgage applications a lot differen...

3 Reasons You Won’t Qualify for a VA Loan (and How to Overcome Them)

October 21st, 2012

Reason 1: You’ve had a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure.Solution: Wait it out and improve your habits.A past...

5 Client Payoffs of Closing Escrow By Year’s End

October 19th, 2012

Here is a handful of payoffs, some obvious, some less, you can share to help clients realize that closing before the curtain drops on 2012 is one of the smartest decisions they can make:1. Take advantag...

Twelve tips to sell your home

October 19th, 2012

There are few things more frustrating to a seller than a home that sits on the market. It's stressful to keep a house in showing condition, and not selling can...

Selling your home during the holidays

October 19th, 2012

So how should you best market your home during the holidays? Take the same careful consideration as with any other time of year, but add a bit of holiday flair for warmth. Just don't go overboard a la Clark Griswold and the holiday li...

If the seller doesn’t cash my check for the option fee, do I have an option to terminate?

October 19th, 2012

I’m buying a house and paid the seller for a 10-day termination option within the time specified in the contract. I backed out of the contract seven days after my option period started. However, the seller said h...

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The purpose of my blog is to educate the consumer about real estate.
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