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Home Sweet Home: Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

January 12th, 2018

One of the best parts of adulthood is being able to purchase your own house and design and decorate it exactly the way you want it. For new homeowners, it can be difficult to get all of the things needed to make a house a home in one go, so gifting them is a great way to help them out. Consider some of these items when shopping for a new homeowner.

Kitchen Essentials

  • Microwave: Not many people can live without a microwave, so if a new home doesn’t have one, it’s important to get one right away. Microwaves make a great gift for new homeowners because they last a long time. There are a lot of elements to think about when purchasing a microwave, so pay careful attention before making a purchase.
  • Knife Block: Knife blocks make great gifts for new homeowners because they allow easy storage for multiple knives. Knife blocks, when cared for properly, can last for years, so high-quality knives won’t have to purchased again for a long time. 
  • Cooking Implements: There are a million things that one can get for a kitchen. Every homeowner will move in on day one and realize they’ve forgotten something important. It’s best to be prepared for any contingency by getting the essentials. Some useful cooking essentials to invest in include: frying pans, a crock pot, blenders, cookie/baking sheets, large mixing spoons, a cutting board, and dish towels.

Making a House a Home

  • Welcome Mat: Nothing says “I’m home” like a nice welcome mat. A welcome mat is one of the first things a person sees and, depending on your choice, they can make a real impression. There are tons of fun doormats that you can purchase, but if you want to get really creative, try making some of the mats featured on Decorating Your Small Space’s website.
  • Picture Frames: Picture frames are one of the best items to get for a new house because they can make it go from a house to a home. Gift your friends some fun picture frames for all of their favorite pictures, or create a picture collage for them using some of the ideas from Homedit.

Giving a Helping Hand

  • Home Maintenance: Sometimes, the best thing that you can give someone is a little bit of help. When homeowners are moving into their new place, they’re going to have a lot to juggle. Giving them a helping hand with something as simple as rearranging the furniture will go a long way. You can even help put together any new furniture or appliances to take some of the pressure off.
  • Be There When They’re Away: The world doesn’t stop turning when people move houses. It can be difficult to juggle chores at a new home, appointments, and work when moving. Consider offering to take some of the chores off of the homeowners shoulders. If you’re able to meet with their contractor or sign for a delivery while they’re at work, they’ll be much less stressed and will surely appreciate the help.

Moving into a brand new home is a rewarding adventure. It can also get very expensive, so it’s always a good idea to help new homeowners as much as you can. Consider practical gifts for the kitchen and gifts to turn their house into a home. Also, something as simple as helping with chores around the new house is a great way to help new homeowners get settled. The more you help when your friends move into a new home, the more help you’ll have when you move into yours.

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