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A Time to Buy- A Time to Sell by Diana Walton

A Time to Buy - A Time to Sell by Diana Walton is a comprehensive dialogue designed to keep you informed with up to the minute market data to help you make the best decision regarding your real estate goals, buying or selling.

Hi, I am Diana Walton-Broker, do you have questions regarding the purchase of a home or are you thinking of selling your current home, please call, text, or email me any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Try These Improvements.

December 2nd, 2016

Hi, getting ready to sell your home may trigger feelings of excitement, worry, some stress or, in some case, a bit of separation anxiety. All of this depends on your reason for selling your home However, regardless of your reason/s, some homes will sell quickly, while others will take a long time to sell, some will simple not sell at all. 
While the marketing of a home is crucial to its sale, the marketing along will not sell the home. The appearance of the home is also important. Here are a few thing you can do to help get your home to sell quickly. Remember, you do not have to do any or all of them. Only the ones you and or your Realtor deem as necessary. Not for homes that are being "Sold As Is". 
  • Heating & Cooling System- Get it service - even if you do not plan on selling.
  •  Landscape. Try putting down fresh sod, prune trees, and add some colorful flower. Home buyers like homes with well maintained landscape.
  • Your Entryway. Try a new front door, maybe one that also offers added security.  
  • Update Your Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures. Gold  and brass fixtures are outdated. I have shown homes where buyers point them out and use them as the reasons for not submitting an offer.
  • Adding Attic Insulation- This is an easy DIY project, and the materials are inexpensive. Good insulation lets the buyer know they will be saving money on utility. This is good!
  • Try Partial Renovations. Like adding new vanity mirrors or refacing the bathtubs. Clean, open, and updated kitchen and bath sells home.
  • Removing Popcorn Ceilings. Most people do not like them. 
  • Remove Dark Window Treatments. Uncovered windows let tons of natural light into the home. Its a welcoming feeling. People like it.
  • Return Rooms to Their Original Uses. If you were using a dining room as an office, please turn it back into a dining room. One question I get from my buyers is "what is that room for"?
  • Get Dirty Carpet Cleaned. Home buyers do not like to enter a home and see dirty carpet. In most case they will leave the home and either not mention the home again or mention only how dirty the carpet was.
  • Deep Clean. A deep cleaning before you put your home on the market will make everything shines. Buyers like that a lot.
  • Paint. Repaint rooms using neutral colors. Most buyers do not plan on renovating the home they are looking to buy and move into. So, a room painted bright orange, another painted lime green, yet another in imperial blue is seen as work that must be done before they move into the home. For that reason alone, some buyers would not have their agent put an offer on the home, thereby leaving your home on the market longer. 
When I list a home, my goal is always to sell that home in 34 days or less. I walk my client through all that needs to be done, if anything at all. I also take the necessary steps to ensure what ever needs to be done, can be accomplished with the lease amount of money. In most cases, all it takes is some elbow grease and improving a couple of the above to sell homes without listing them. Let me know your thought. You can always reach me if you have any questions.

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