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Why you NEED a Buyers Agent Representing you!

July 17th, 2015



Home buyers are often misinformed when it comes to the way a Realtor is paid. Many times new home buyers try to go at it alone because they think they will have to pay Realtor fees.

This is NOT true. Buyers DO NOT pay Realtor Fees. The services a Buyers Agent provides is completely complimentary to the potential home buyer.

Here's how it works; The home seller (in Texas) IN MOST CASES pays 6% of the sell of their home to the Agents involved. In most cases 3% go to the Selling Agent and 3% goes to the Buyers Agent. The actual percentage paid is discussed during the listing phase.

When purchasing a home to be built, it's normal for potential buyers to check out a model home. In most cases the person showing the model home is a sales agent of the builder. This person is not a Real Estate Agent and actually works for the builder. Remember, they do not represent you. Their job is to sell.

A Buyers Agent represents YOU. When purchasing a home to built it is important to have a Buyers Agent representing you. Many may not realize but negotiations can also take place on new built homes. Those negotiations will not happen unless you have someone on your side that has experience in negotiations. A Buyers Agent will also help to guide you in choices that will do well for resale of your home. Opting out of the back porch because "you can build your own," may not be the best decision.

A buyers agent doesn't just simply open the door to homes. They and I should say WE do so much more.

Honestly, these are just a few of the many things I do for my buyer clients. You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer so why would you buy a home without a Real Estate Agent? Both experts in their field and looking out for your interests only!

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