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How to Protest your Property Taxes?

April 12th, 2015


In my last blog post I attached an article about the increase of property taxes for many people around the Houston area.  What can you do as a homeowner to fight that increase if you feel the appraisal is too high or unequal to comparable homes around you?  I am attaching a video done by Houston Real Estate Radio as host Shannon Register interviews Jim Robinson, the Chief Appraiser at the Harris County Appraisal District, to find out exactly what you can do.

Robinson explains that after the appraisals are sent out in April you can go to the Harris County Appraisal District’s website ( to access ifile, which is a way to file a protest electronically through their website.  If the HCAD comes back with a settlement price that you agree on you can use isettle, a way to settle electronically.  If you do not agree with the price you will then have a protest hearing scheduled to go in front of the board to discuss why you think it should be changed.  Fourteen days before the hearing HCAD will have the evidence that they intend to use against you on their website for your viewing.    This gives you an opportunity to gather comparables, repair estimates for the home, and anything else you plan on using to support your case.  The deadline for filing a protest is on May 31 or 30 days after the value notice is mailed to you (whichever is later).   If you need any help with  getting a free home value report, which includes comparables near you, please contact me at or 281-450-5613.


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