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Staging = Improving Success of Selling

October 19th, 2012

Many things have been posted about staging the home for selling. Some lists are longer than others and opinions differ. This is a short little list to help you get started.

  1. Set the scene in each room so that the potential buyer has some idea what it is or how it can be used. You might be surprised at how many times a real estate agent is asked, “what is this room for”?, because it’s not always obvious.
  2. Keep clutter down and, especially, remove personal stuff, such as family photos. You’ll have to pack them sooner or later; in this case sooner is better.
  3. Paint a neutral color. The goal is to appeal to as many people as possible. There will be those who love your deep purple bedroom, but many more who won’t.
  4. Re-purpose what you have to avoid spending money.
  5. Not sure about how/what? Use the services of a home stager. This will help eliminate false starts and maybe save money, too. Your real estate agent will be able to help you with it.

Sometimes, it seems like it would be hard living in a neutral world when you’ve lived in color, or living without your favor photos and other personal possessions… but the sooner you accept it and do it, the sooner your home may likely sell. Good luck!

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Houston Association of REALTORS®

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