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MIDTOWN HOUSTON: Great place to Live, Better place to Eat

January 14th, 2019

Midtown, Houston- As steam rises from my coffee, I find myself staring out of the bedroom window, enjoying the downtown Houston skyline and reminiscing on last nights dinner. The delicious food and eclectic atmosphere…the impeccable service, left a lasting impression on me.  

Midtown didn’t exist in Houston when I left for the US Navy, and now it’s bustling with amazing homes and mouthwatering eateries.  Its pleasing to see Houston has evolved for the better, while maintaining its diverse character. A place I wouldn’t dare visit as a teenager, Midtown, now has truly become an amazing place to live.  

Last night I walked a few blocks from home to 2808 Caroline, home to the delicious WEIGHTS + MEASURES Restaurant. I entered to find a décor reminiscent of the show Mad Men. It was classy upscale with a comfortable casual feel. The furniture and style seemed reminiscent of the 60’s and very modern at the same time. The house was full of professionals enjoying laughs, amidst the aroma of an amazing menu. Waiters moved with precision and ease between tables .  

The menu was simple with a dozen or so options, neatly printed on orange card-stock. The waiters wore shirts that reminded me of a tropical festive print, yet they provided service with a  high level of accuracy, further juxtaposing the sophistication of the menu and service with the casual, comfortable, cool feel of the restaurant. I took in the atmosphere and thought I’d order something a little out of my comfort zone. So, I went with The Wood Grilled Spanish Octopus.


Now, I’ve had calamari at The Olive Garden out in Cy- fair where I had grown up, but what arrived looked more like art than something I ought to eat. The tentacle, yes the whole tentacle, stretched beautifully across the plate. As I examined the dish more closely I saw it rested in a delicately spooned pool of  tomato orange caperberry ragout, while sprinkled meticulously atop and about the plate were micro greens. This was definitely something new to me and I had no idea how to attack.  

Starting at the wider end of the tentacle I took my knife and fork and cut into the flesh of the Octopus. I immediately felt the snap from the crisp outer layer, that had been slightly charred, on the famous WEIGHTS + MEASURES wood fired grill. Next, my knife slid through meat as if through warm butter. I was already amazed and hadn’t had a bite.  

The first bite was unreal, I found myself amazed at the contrast between the charred outer flesh and the delicious, tender meat. The next bite I topped with the ragout, and again my taste buds exploded. I found the pace of my bites quickening and realized there was bread. I thought the bread would slow me down, but found it just as inviting as the restaurant itself. (Not to mention the charred Semolina Bread was the perfect vehicle for the ragout.)  

I sat back satisfied and uplifted. When the waiter came to ask me about my experienced I told him, “Everything was amazing, I even ate all the bread!” At which time he informed they bake all their own bread. In fact on my way out I exited the opposite end of the restaurant and saw the beautiful bakery enclosed in glass. There’s even a coffee shop back there that opens at 6am, where you can grab a latte and fresh start to the day from the bakery.  

I walked home staring in wonder at the Downtown Houston skyline. The walk took me past several new construction Townhomes and Condos, and I thought, wow Houston’s really grown up, luckily there’s still room for more folks to enjoy the best Houston Neighborhoods.

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