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What you really want in a new home?

November 6th, 2020

Tell your agent what you REALLY want in your new home

You've probably heard that when you are searching for a new home, you should make three lists. These lists tell your agent what your new home must have, what you would like it to have, and what it must NOT have.

Today, with a scarcity of homes for sale, narrowing the choices to fit your lists can be difficult.

The solution? Instead of simply giving your agent a list of what your next house must have or not have, give him or her a list that includes WHY you've included those features.

For instance, you may have said that you must have 4 bedrooms. Is that because you want an extra room for overnight guests, or because you plan to turn one bedroom into an office, a school-room, or a craft or exercise room? Is it possible that a 3 bedroom home with an office, a loft area, or a finished basement would do just as well?

If you're searching for a condo or apartment, you may have said it must be a ground floor unit. Why? If it is because you want to avoid stairs, would a unit with a private elevator suit you just as well?

If you think you want 5 acres, why do you want them? If you're seeking privacy because you have dogs who bark, a home on 2 acres adjoining public lands, a park, or pasture land might do just as well. It all depends upon the shape of the property and how the house - and neighboring houses - are situated. If it's because you want to own a horse, would you be just as happy with a home located near a good boarding stable?

Make your lists, then consider why those features matter. Tell your agent both the reasons why and your vision of how you hope to live in your new home. It just might open up more possibilities for you to find a home you'll truly love and enjoy.

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