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Did the pandemic change your housing needs?

November 16th, 2020

Did the pandemic change your housing needs?

The pandemic of 2020 caused more than illness. The changes brought about because of lock-downs and cautionary measures caused an upheaval in most of our lives.

For some it meant unemployment. For others it meant working remotely from home. And for those with school-age children, it meant home schooling. For almost everyone it meant an end to dining out, going to concerts or movies, and enjoying sports and social gatherings.

If you have become unemployed, you may have gotten forbearance. If you have a government-backed loan, you'll be able to repay the missed payments at the end of the loan term, or when you sell the house. If not, you may be expected to make up those missed payments when forbearance ends.

Meanwhile, unless you're back at work, making those mortgage payments when forbearance ends could be difficult. If so, it's time to get your (city) home on the market.

If you're working remotely; if you've got children going to school remotely; or both, your home may feel like it went from spacious to cramped in the space of a few days. Will you ride it out, hoping that things will go back to normal, or is it time to sell your current home and purchase one with extra room for an office and/or school-room?

If you live in a condo and have been confined indoors all these months, it might be time to seek a home with a yard or nearby places to walk.

For some, the pandemic has a silver lining.

If you've been working remotely and your employer has decided that's a good idea going forward, it could mean housing freedom for you!

Working remotely, you no longer have to consider commuting to an office each day. You can move to the suburbs or to acreage in the country. In fact, you could even move to a different city or state. A move like that could mean lower mortgage payments. It could also mean that you can have pets or livestock. It could mean you could now have a multi-generational home.

When you aren't restricted by location, you have untold choices.

If the pandemic has caused changes in your life that call for a change of residence, get in touch. I'll be glad to get your house sold for the highest possible price, and help you find a new home that exactly suites your new lifestyle.

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