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Thinking about buying a home?? Part#2

July 14th, 2021

I am thinking about buying a new home, but I am not sure what to do first?

That is why you need a REALTOR. 

We need more listings in Texas now.  The customer needs to start researching the housing market asap. Lets say that you want to buy a home in 6 months, now is the time to start working on it.  Right now!

Browse real estate on line, in newspapers and magazines.  Think about what you need for the future. Do not buy on impulse unless you are rich.  Look at the subdivisions, neighborhoods, etc.  HOA??  POA??   This is why you need a REALTOR!  Look at about 3 homes a day for a while and compare all sorts of notes, take notes.  Do you even know how much home you can afford? This is where I refer you to a mortgage company that specializes in home loans.  For example, if your income is 50,000. a year than you probably are going to look for a home that is about 150-200.  You will need a down pmt, which will vary depending on your credit also.  It is NOT a good idea to go looking for a home until you get pre-qualified by your mortgage company.  The pre-qual will last about 3 months, so after 3 months you will need to update your information with your mortgage company again.  All this takes about 30 minutes on the phone with the mortgage company.

Some times people call me and want to go see a home. Tomorrow!!  I asked them if they are pre-qualified and they say no they are just looking.  Well I am trying to make a living to support my family and I only make money when I have a sale and we close!  So it will take you 30 minutes on the phone to find out how much you qualify for and then I will take you to see homes.  

Any questions?  

A Realtor works very hard and they have many many fees the public does not know about.  Realtors are not rich, even though that is what many people think. That is not true.  



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