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How much can you afford for a home mortgage??

July 15th, 2021

How much can you afford?  Well, it will vary. 

Example:  If you make about 50,000. a year, take that and divide by 12 months in a year, That is about 4166. per month but that is before you take out taxes and tithe, right?  Now lets say that after taxes and tithe, you have about 4000 per month left, so we will take that and take 28% of that will be for a home payment and that is  .......  ........  ......1,120. a month that you may be able to afford for a new home!  Yay!!

How much do you pay for rent right now?

This is just an example. The mortgage company is the one that looks into this for you and discusses this with YOU. 

Also, your loan officer will want to know how long have you been working at your job?  Must be at least 2 years.  

When you call them you will need at least 30 minutes and have your ID and SS# all ready for them.  If they can not help you, then call me and let me find out why?




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