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13 Tips for Selling Your Home

October 29th, 2014

Dear For Sale By Owners,

You kind of remind me of myself sometimes. I say things like ” Oh no for that price I can do it myself” then I end up costing myself a bunch of money I originally intended on saving or wasting time doing things I don’t desire doing. I love to save money on my hair so I do it myself and then I realize Oh my God I’ve been trying to clip my own ends and now my hair is all uneven. LOL. Why not let the professional do it? Why not let the person who has been trained and knows the ins and outs handle something so precious?

Your House is precious Yes!!! But I am talking about your:

When you hire a professional like myself you are saving yourself time, giving yourself peace of mind and saving money. Yes  I will charge a price for the exchange of service and I would hope you be a bit skeptical if I did it for FREE. Right?  Free always comes with a question ” This has to be a joke right?” exactly. You can’t expect someone as professional as me to do a top notch above and beyond service for free. Right? Just like your boss couldn’t expect you to perform for less money than you made the year before.

I love the saying ” You get what you pay for” because even if another agent comes and offers you the service for less you can still expect less.

Below are some free tips I will give to all of my friends who are For Sale By Owners because whether you decide to hire me Shanita Holloway as your Professional Realtor or not I would still like to see your home sold who knows I may have the buyer for you.

I Do This for a Living… I Will Sell Your Home

Tips for Selling Your Own Home

  1. Get three CMAs by Realtors® before placing the property for sale. Alternatively, have the home appraised. Although lenders don’t use appraisals ordered by homeowners, they will help you to get an idea of your home’s value.
  2. Check with state law or a real estate agent for the required real estate contracts.
  3. Have a real estate agent or attorney review all contracts. A badly written contract may have unwanted legal consequences.
  4. Open title as soon as possible to remove any buyer’s doubt about the veracity of the title.
  5. Talk to a real estate agent or an interior decorator about how to stage the property to sell for thegreatest dollar amount. Property staging is giving the property the maximum appeal for the fewest dollars. The goal is to help buyers visualize themselves relaxing in the family or living room, cooking in the kitchen, playing with their kids, or having guests over. A well-staged home suggests the property is well-kept and free from repairs. There are many methods of staging; talk to a professional. A well- staged home will bring higher offers and a quicker sale.
  6. Remove and pack anything that is personal, such as pictures, sport team logos, valuables, and medicines. Buyers will never buy unless they can first mentally move into the property. How can buyers mentally move into the property if your personal items are distracting them?
  7. Maximize curb appeal. Fertilize and tidy the yard, and trim any bushes that block natural light from entering the rooms. Curb appeal is your only chance to make a favorable first impression. Buyers eliminate properties that do not have curb appeal.
  8. Air out your home. If buyers can smell it, you’re not going to sell it. Pets are also a huge distraction. Some people have allergies or are intimidated by dogs. Think about finding a temporary home for your pets until the property is sold.
  9. Get a home inspection. Repair as many items as possible. A property that needs many repairs may cause buyers to think the property has other hidden problems. The number one reason for buyer’s remorse is worrying about potential problems.
  10. Get the facts, and have a list of all homes sold in your area so that buyers may compare.
  11. Do not show the property yourself. Have a friend, neighbor or even a real estate agent show your property, since sellers tend to give too much information. Buyers do not want to hear how you and your family spent wonderful holidays in the house or how the kids decided to paint their rooms a certain color. You are the main obstacle for buyers who are mentally trying to move into your home. When prospects are unable to mentally move into your home, they will often switch from homeowner to investment buyer, and will look for reasons to pay a lower price. But once prospects have mentally moved in, they begin to focus on their family’s comfort and happiness. They are no longer buying just ahouse; they are buying a home.
  12. The most important part of showing your home is protecting your family. You don’t know who wants to bring potential harm to your family. Be careful about showing your home to strangers
  13. Have every buyer prequalified by a Realtor® or a mortgage lender.

Yours Truly

Realtor Shanita Holloway

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