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Keep the Summer Fun Going!!

June 6th, 2019

Summer is out in full force here in Houston. A great way to pass the time during these long summer months is swimming!!! Considering a pool in your backyard? Already have one? Here are some tips to make sure you’re taking care of your family’s pool!! Happy Swimming!!  

·       Skim and Scrub…repeat, repeat, repeat  

o   Letting leaves and algae build up in your pool is a no-no. All you need is a good skimmer and scrub brush…or spring for an automatic robot vacuum to save time!

·       Don’t forget the filters

o   If you have dogs or kids – or both – toys are going to wind up in the filters. Make sure to clean them, as well as leaves and debris, regularly!

·       The water levels are rising….

o   Too much and too little is never a good thing in a pool! Maintain proper levels by keeping it filled to halfway up the opening of your skimmer.

·       Keep Calm…and Consistent

o   Ensuring you have the right balance of chemicals in your pool is important. It will avoid murky water, irritation to eyes and skin and prevent bacteria from growing.

·       Chemicals eating you out of house and home?

o   Try baking soda – it will do the same job, but at a fraction of the cost!

·       Clouds are great to stay cool, but a cloudy pool needs shocking

o   Not something you need to do on a regular basis, maybe just once or twice a season, but this helps keep your pool pristine!

·       Toss that tennis ball in!

o   Use it to burn some energy off your Lab, bond with your kids…and a hidden surprise, tennis balls help absorb oils!

·       The sun is shining, so should your pool deck!

o   You’ve got all the tips to ensure your pool looks amazing! Now break out the pressure washer to clean up the pool deck around it!

·       Dentist  Car  Pool 

o   Many things in your life require a yearly checkup. Avoid bigger issues or quickly tackle the ones you may have by scheduling a yearly service appointment for your pool.

·       Not hosting your town’s Polar Bear Club?

o   Then shut the pool down! It is important to learn to winterize your pool, even though Houston’s winters are short. Buy a water testing kit to keep the chemical levels balanced, make sure you’ve got a working cover and clean well before closing up shop!!


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Call out cool hangouts, bars, events and things to do in Houston Texas.
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