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Suzan Zachariah

Suzan Assiter Zachariah

Suzan in Surfside Beach, Texas

The purpose of my blog is to keep people connected to Surfside Beach daily through photos and more.

Thank you for visiting my blog. As a real estate agent in Surfside Beach, Texas my goal is to help everyone who wants a beach house in Surfside Beach to have one. When you are not in Surfside Beach, come to my blog, and I will try to update with photos and news often.

Dawn - From a Surfside Beach lover

June 9th, 2011

What a wonderful blessing to have a creative friend who shares his poems:

 Thoughts within the Dawn


Within the creativity of my imagination

I am discovering

The history

 The certainty

And the destiny

Of whom I am becoming


Where I have been

Where I am now

And where I am going

Are merely the pathways

Along the intellectual expression

Of my unknown reality


Never truly lost

I have most often been incapable

Of climbing from the depths

Of my oblivion

 My confusion

My inexperience

And my fears



No longer repressed

By this anxiety

Of uncertainty

I challenge myself to create

That one person who is

 My own to become


Therefore and evermore

I pursue





And the acceptance

Of the truth of me


“So Mote It Be”

David L. Devaney


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