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Should you winterize your home?

January 4th, 2022

? Winterize my home? Seems ridiculous in Texas but after the Ice-pocolypse ? of February 2021, many homeowners are wondering exactly what they need to do to prep for a serious cold snap!

? Service your furnace. Have a professional come in and check your heating system before you turn it on for the first time. Be sure any repairs are done so that your unit is in good working condition for the off-and-on winter weather for the next few months.

? Check seals around windows, doors, and the exterior of your home. Inspect the caulking for cracks and areas that may be peeling away. Re-caulking those damaged areas can ensure your heat stays in and the cold stays out!

? Check your doors. Inspect the weather stripping. Can you see light peeking in around your door frame? Is the cold air seeping in? Replacing the weather stripping around your doors can help with climate control.

? Insulate your pipes. All exposed pipes outside your home need to be wrapped with insulating material. Do this in advance of a freeze so youre not dealing with it in the cold. Have covers on the ready for the exterior faucets, too.

? Check your gutters. Fall is when your gutters fill up! Dont let your gutters back up with leaves. Once freezing rain settles in filled gutters, they can pull away from the home and cause damage. Check the gutters for any accumulation that will prevent water from properly draining.

? Clean your chimney. Have a professional do this job (Mary Poppins ? showed us this is a dirty one) and be sure things are in working order, whether you have a wood or gas burning fireplace. Close the flue when not in use so the hot air doesnt escape.

?‍? Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries to be sure things are ready for an emergency while also preventing those pesky 3 a.m. low-battery chirps! Be sure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working as most house fires happen in the winter months.

? How are you winterizing your home for the cold snaps ahead? Drop your best tips here! ?

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