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Benefits of Knowing How To Manage Your Land ACountry Life Real Estate-Brenham, Texas

June 9th, 2019

To Quote Aldo Leopold - "The central thesis of game management is this:  game can be restored by creative use of the same tools which have heretofore destroyed it - ax, plow, cow, fire, and gun...:Management is their purposeful and continuing alignment."

The photo above is Cary Dietzmann discussing the advantages of Rotational Grazing of Livestock to participants of a "HABITOUR".  HABITOURS or Habitat Tours were conducted to educate landowners on various topics associated with managing ranch land.  In this photo you can see a Chicory plant growing well in a dense cover of pasture grass.  More of the same in the upper portion of the photo and in the lower left corner a species of Euphorbia.  Euphorbia and Chicory are highly preferred forage for Whitetail deer.  Continuous grazing of livestock on this pasture would not have enabled these plants to survive much less mature.  Many plants in the mature stage including grasses are not preferred by deer as they are unable to digest the plants mature cell structure. 

In general grasses make up only 10-15% of a deer's diet with the remainder consisting of forbs and browse. Forbs are herbaceous flowering plants that are usually high in protein.  They are not grasses and do not become woody.  Think weeds. Browse includes such things as leaves, twigs, stems, etc.  What Is A Forb?

When you see deer foraging in a pasture they are most likely eating forbs not grasses.  Cattle rotationally grazed on the land  actually benefits wildlife.  Once cattle are rotated off the pasture, fresh new regrowth attracts wildlife.  Also whitetail does  seek out tall grass pasture to hide their fawns in late spring.  I use the cattle as four legged mowers, moving from pasture to pasture based on the growing conditions.  Interested in learning more about Whitetail deer?  Join QDMA!


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