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“Why Don’t We Learn About Money In School; Accounting, Debt, Taxes?” By Robert Kiyosaki

May 29th, 2019

Robert raises some important questions...

(1) Do we play it safe and do not introduce new risks into our lives?

(2) Do we even know what that means, do we have the proper knowledge and experience to know

what are good risks and what are bad risks?

(3) Do we learn from our mistakes and say, “Ok I made a mistake, what did I learn from it, no matter

how negative; and so what is next to reach my goal?”

For example, for me personally, I and my sisters did not learn the proper way. My mind was not

programmed to think success or of how to think like an Entrepreneur when growing up. My parents

had very different views of how they taught and viewed money to us. It was not taught to us in school,

only of just how to count money, what to use it for and when. My parents had good intentions, but they

did not have the proper knowledge teachings to pass onto us unfortunately. :-(

Yes, we had chores and earned an allowance for those. I had a babysitting job in Middle School but I never

saved it, always spent it on myself or meaningless things. I was never taught fundraising, the value

of money, and not just saving it but what to do with it when you have it. Whether it be fundraising, investing, 

giving to a good cause or out of kindness, work hard for the money and sometimes it will be for free; giving

others your free time to help them out and do not expect anything in return. 

By the time I got to college is when I started to learn really about money, mistakes after mistakes, how to

budget it, what to do with it, college debt, etc. All this did affect my life going forward after graduating

college. After I got married and had my 1st child, was when my husband and I made changes, spiritually,

financially, weeded out all the negative and focussed on the positive (life and people), and how we go

forward for the future. I’m going to be honest, for years it was not easy for the both of us individually and

as a couple. Now after 41 years, I can honestly say, anything that does not go the way it should at the time,

I do think and say automatically; “Ok...what happened, what did I learn from it, and what’s next; where do

I go from here, what can I try next to get to my goal?” This is how an Entrepreneur thinks, they stay positive

and push harder.

I will leave you with this...Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge, but knowledge

empowers imagination.” 

Hope my blog for today has been helpful. Please feel free to share your personal experience or raise

a discussion. If you liked my blog, please subscribe, like, or share with anyone!!! :-)

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