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"Women Who Sacrifice It All...Uniqueness, Transparency, Entrepreneurship" By Zhang Xin

June 2nd, 2019

Zhang Xin discusses how she grew up poor, had to fight against all the odds, and still remain transparent and successful; raises some important topics in today's world...

For Example:

(1) She discussed that in the US, we have Democracy when it comes to getting things done, there is a process legally. Whereas, in China she said, "Ask a Chinese living in China, ask one thing everyone would crave for is what? Not food, not homes, everyone craves for Democracy." She also mentioned that when she created her business, everything was with buying land at an Auction in an Open Market. That she does not have to know any details or anyone, just to have some money to buy Real Estate. 

With that said, being a world traveler myself to India, Mexico, and Hong Kong, we are very lucky to have laws in the US for Real Estate. That even though it takes longer for the process to go through, your rights are being honored, and everything is legal; the money can come in many different ways when buying or purchasing Real Estate. It can come from the Bank, an Investor, cash, check, and it all is through a legal process. 

(2) There is something to be said here for women all over the world, as well as, a woman myself in the US. I was born and raised in the US but having different ethnic backgrounds, my values and beliefs, the environment that I was raised in, my experiences when I was an adult, has all influenced my life going forward.

At 22 years of age, I decided to move away to continue on with my life and no money in the bank. My parents were in debt and had retired to Florida. They could not afford to pay for my college and I had to figure it out. I could not work because it would interfere with my studies and I would not do well academically. So I had to try to get half grant and half loan from the government to pay for college.

At 28 years of age, I graduated from college and got married. My husband and I were both starting out in our careers and learning about marriage, money, and life in New Jersey.

At 42 years of age with 2 children and still married, living in Texas as a woman and Entrepreneur in Real Estate, I am a believer that you must always remain transparent regardless of others judgements about you. Be honest, be unique, be yourself, do not shy away from asking for help when you need it, always think positive and surround yourself with positivity and weed out anything negative that comes your way. When a challenge comes your way, do not flee, go for the challenge and be positive. Challenges is what makes you stronger, more experienced, and more knowledgable. If everything was easy, you would not learn. Always be open to learning new things and take risks, read, and keep setting goals for yourself to be successful in what ever it is that you love to do.

I will leave you with this...

Women are strong and the glue that keeps everything together (family, marriage, career) and are great multitaskers. But they seem to forget one thing, they forget about their own happiness and what they love to do; I experienced that years ago and will never go back to that. This is what Zhang Xin did not do, instead she fought for her marriage, family, her happiness and doing what she loves, being a successful Real Estate Developer. 

:-) Hope my blog for today has been helpful. Please feel free to comment, subscribe, like, or share!!! :-)

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