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What To Consider In A Non Flood Zone & A Flood Zone Area...

October 4th, 2019

What every homeowner/buyer should be looking at in a Non Flood Zone and a Flood Zone home...

1) Look at the FEMA Geo Map ( and type in your address or the area that you are interested in, is located.

2) Look at the Zone that the home or area is located in, minimal to high risk flooding percentages. 

3) Look to see where any Water Channels, Bayous, Lakes, Ponds, etc. and those Flood Zones that are near/around the home, street, or area that you live in or interested in. 

4) If your home is in a Non Flood Zone or minimal risk 1% or less to flood per year, for example, that does not mean that your home is off the market to potentially flood. This will depend on many variables of whether the home will flood or not; which I have mentioned a few here. If the drains are being cleared on a regular basis or not, elevation levels, where the water is flowing to and from, how much water or inches can the drains and streets take in an hour and for how many hours of down pour rain, and the Developers and Engineers going through the necessary procedures to build preventively in prediction that the home could flood.

Here are 3 links for more information on what to consider:

10 Questions Every Houston Homebuyer Should Ask Before They Press Go

7 Things to Know Before Buying a Home in a Flood Zone

Things To Understand Before You Buy A Home In A Flood Zone


If home flooded, tips to consider...

1) If you decide to sell as is and do nothing to the flooded home, an Investor will swoop in and buy the home for cash and remodel them. Some Investors will not disclose flooding because they "did not witness it firsthand" and this can be a huge issue for buyers.

2) If you are going to remodel and then sell, document the whole process. Have pictures of the tear out, dry time, chemicals used to treat the wood before drywall, etc. This builds a great picture for the potential buyer and shows it was done correctly. Also, have a Mold Inspector come in before you list the home just to make sure there is not any leftover mold growing. However, some Contractors are already Mold Certified and do that for you to show that documentation to the potential buyer; so check with your Contractor. 

Here is a link for more information in the first 24 hours after the flooding of what to do:


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